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27 May 2006 ... Completely Random

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of my Reiki 1 attunment. I noted the day but didn't celebrate or anything. I do think I will give myself a "refresher course" by re-reading my good reiki book: Essential Reiki...

My Adapted Reiki Principles:
  I will not be angry.
  I will not worry.
  I will do my work honestly.
  I will be kind to every living thing.
  I acknowledge abundance.

How my sense of smell almost killed me

You see, I have a very weak sense of smell, so I didn't smell that the cake had gone bad. I opened up the plastic container, cut myself a nice slice, scooped up the extra icing and spread it on my chocolate cake.

Took a forkful, chewed twice and then: "Gack. This cake tastes funny." I stopped chewing, bent over to examine the cake. The smell wafted at me. Mold. And I saw it, not a little spot, here and there, but the entire bottom of the cake was moldy!

I spit out the cake. And then I started rinsing my mouth out at the sink. And during this spitting scene, I'm not thinking so much "I just ate MOLD! Gross!" Nope, I'm thinking more along the lines of "Oh my gods... If that mold is penicillin, my head is going to swell up and I'm going to DIE!" (I'm allergic to penicillin.)

haha. well, I didn't die, and I didn't even throw up or have a tummy ache. It was just a little reminder that I don't live in Phoenix anymore. I was waiting for the cake to go bad by drying up into a brick-like substance... I still don't expect mold, even though we've been living in Oregon for over a year. *laughing at self* I crack myself up, sometimes!

Day job

I am a lowly temp worker. I always say lowly because the lack of respect is truely amazing... After three weeks of "hey you," the supervisor finally asked me my name. Three weeks. And I'm pretty sure she forgot it immediately.

heh. I have never given my day job much importance. I do not care about doing meaningful work, and I do not let my job define me in any way. I am there for the pay check, period.

My real life happens at home. That is where I make my meaning. The day job simply pays for the things I love to do.

And speaking of paying for those things... I have a pretty sizable Amazon run going. A nice mix of art books, animal books, fiction and a movie. I'll talk about it later, maybe.

During my unemployment, I put a few purchases on hold, and now they are really calling. Some online stuff, some stuff for the house, some charity stuff. But I need to wait a little longer, because my temp job will probably be ending next week...

I'm glad to have money flowing again. And I'm looking forward to my next temp job.

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