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24 Apr 2006 ... New Site Design

Yay! The new site design is finally here!

Dang, I worked long and hard on this Happy Elephant thing... Partially, it was just me being rusty. After all, the last semi-serious page design I did was two years ago! But mostly, it was me trying to do things a little bit better than I usually do!

And, ya know, for all the work I put into this, I'm not really sure I like it. Well, maybe it will grow on me. Because, for sure, I'm not going to be making a new design any time soon! ha!

By the way. My brother is cool. He's a programmer, and is the author of POP Peeper a popular and free email checking program. Yep, I use it!

Aeris Calendar is his latest professional program. It's a calendar for your computer that shows weather forecasts and it's cool. :)

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