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1 Jan 2006 ... Happy New Year

All Right, another year. How are your resolutions going? Check this out:

  2001200220032004 2005
Read 35 books31 books33 books51 books 84 books
S8 71 entries61 entries86 entries63 entries 49 entries
Classes 15946 16

Lots of books read! Maybe lots of short books, but still. And not so many Static8 Journal entries. That's what I get for taking a multi-month hiatus, I guess. And lots of online classes: when the Suite101 University went free a couple months ago, I started downloading lessons like crazy!

The other things I wanted to do in 2005:

Read the guides for my Desktop Publishing software and Paint Shop Pro 9. I got about half way through these, and now I can't do either since my computer died. ha.

Exercise. Well, I've walked more than I've ever have, since moving to Oregon where it's a bit more safe to do so. There's a picturesque bike path just down the street and quiet neighborhoods to walk through. My walks never got to be a regular thing tho, and I never did any hiking like I thought I wanted.

I wondered about starting a new web site. I bought a second domain years ago. But I have problems enough just keeping one site, so I'm not going to worry about a second one for now!

And finally, I wanted to be more Green. I think I've been doing pretty good with this. I have kept up my veganism fairly well, and I'm even starting to cut back on the (milk) chocolate. It's much easier to recycle every little thing here in Oregon. And I've joined a great online environmental community, Care2, where I feel comfortable posting in the groups every once in a while.

Other random 2005 happenings: We did get ourselves moved from Phoenix to Oregon, and I am thrilled about that! I didn't work much this year, about four months is all, and I don't really have anything to show for all my extra time off. Except all those books I read, heh.

I did start doing some new creative things towards the end of 2005... I started painting backgrounds in my art journal. I've got a good sized stack of quick sketches. I have a couple of pages of practice calligraphy, too. But no real bits of "Art".

So, what's up for 2006? Besides the obvious of "Get a job, you bum" and "Get a new computer".

Be more Green!

Make more wholesome foods at home... I only made 6 loaves of bread in 2005. I would like to experiment and perfect a "sandwich" loaf, so that I never have to eat crappy, non-vegan, chemical-filled, store-bread again! Also, I'd like to find some easy vegan recipies that I can handle.

Buy fewer pre-prepared foods... the occasional garden burger is quick and easy, but I could make my own burgers and freeze them!

Figure out more ways to reduce waste and cost... I have already turned off the heater in my bedroom. (I had it nice and toasty, but the electric bill was outrageous: I have learned my lesson!) I need to think about more ways to save the earth.

Try that garden thing again... I am going to start some plants in pots this year so my garden actually has a chance. There will be marigolds and mints to keep the bugs at bay, basil and peas to eat, wildflowers and weeds for pretty, and whatever else takes my fancy.

Continue Creating

I want to make playing with art a bigger part of my life. Right now, I am without a computer and without a job, so I have plenty of time to think about art stuff and set a habit of arting during my notebook time. And I can read my art books and get new ideas. Just need to keep the art going even when I get a new day job.

I would also like to try something non-scribbly. You know, like Real Art. It might be interesting to work on a piece for more than ten minutes. ha.

And try to be better about the web site and everything that goes along with it, like answering emails and checking links and making new site designs. While I was actually typing in 2005, I only averaged five or six updates each month. I can do better.

Of course, I can't do anything with my web site while I don't have a decent computer. And I can't get a new computer if I don't have a job...

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