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30 May 2005 ... More of the Same

Well the Purple Explosion, the basket of flowers my partner got me for my bday, has taken over the kitchen nook. I counted 41 purple petunias this morning. And still more being made. :)

The evil sun has killed most of my new garden. We've had clear skies and no rain for six days, and many of my little wildflowers have shriveled, even tho I threw water on them in the mornings. I don't think any of the basil babies have survived either. :(

But I've got three pea plants, who are happy. And one wildflower baby is living and has put out his first adult leaves. The leaves are lacy, they remind me of carrots.

I don't know if I should throw out more seeds. It's supposed to be partly cloudy all next week, maybe it'll be okay...

I finished another book and noticed I've been reading like a starving person on a desert island. I've finished ten books during the month of May. Yeah, some were excessively short, there's about three books that I finished in two or three days: Chronicles of Narnia books can be read in about four hours. And some I was reading fast because I couldn't stand them: Emerson is such an idiot.

I have a box set aside where I stack my unread books, there's probably a dozen or so in there. And I am happy when I have more new books on the way. I am happy to have so much to read!

Boy, this web site has become completely boring, hasn't it? There's a reason. I am avoiding typing about things that are swirling in my brain.

And lately, I've been thinking a lot about how humans are destroying the planet. There are... 6,444,688,245 humans (and maybe a a few more). That's 6 billion people, (almost 6.5 billion) each of whom is destroying the planet in their own unique way.

Do you eat animals? Do you drive a car? Do you use electricity? Do you have anything plastic? Do you have kids?

Basically, if you are alive, you are destroying the planet. And with 6 billion humans alive, doing whatever the heck they want to and paying no attention whatsoever to anything good they could be doing... there's no turning this mess around.

And I was thinking: Even if you're DEAD, you're probably destroying the planet! Think about it... You die, they pump you full of poisons so that the bugs can't eat you. They put you in a box of poisoned wood, metal and concrete so that the bugs can't get to you. And then they put you in ground where there's lots of bacteria, fungi and worms that would love to do their job and eat you up and return you to the circle of life. But they can't!

Amusing, huh? If you're cremated, you're contributing to pollution. If you donate your body to science or give your organs to other people... Well, that's the best solution.

So, anyway. I've said it all my life: We're doomed, cockroaches will inherit the earth. Maybe rats and pigeons, too! But that doesn't give anyone an excuse to cop out... You should still go vegan, walk instead of drive, recycle and compost, get solar panels, sign your donor card, keep your birth control current.

Why? Because otherwise you will get lumped in with my "stupid people" category! *laugh*

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