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6 November 2004 ... Art by the Inch 1-5

Art by the Inch

Yep, it's happening. Here are the highlights:

  • A full page of art (8.5x11 inches) takes about two hours to finish!
  • As of this morning... 386/2,500
  • Two hours of art every day really kills my evening.
  • Two hours straight, of scrunching over art really kills my back.
  • bleh: pain.
  • I'm using my green blank book, but not even card stock can stand up to over-zealous Sharpie use! haha, it's okay, I'm only using the front side of the paper for art. I write the date and materials used on the back of the page.

abti 01

Day 1 This is the title page for my new journal. The left side has pencil drawings of some of the stuff I remember from my high school art classes. The tree, "just draw squiggles for the leaves", the geometric shapes focusing on light source, and the lesson on perspective.

The right side is an abstract done in watercolour pencils. It represents how I feel about the art I've done in the last 15 years. Patchwork, not focused, occasional interesting projects coupled with long term boring projects (my journals: my notebook and S8). eh.

abti 02

Day 2 "Megafauna" Pencil drawing with coloured pencil background. I hate doing backgrounds.

There is an interesting history about megafauna in the book I'm reading, The Future of Life, which I may or may not tell you about another time. Just read the book. :)

abti 03

Day 3 "Fishies!" and other random sea critters. My experiment with Sharpies, background coloured pencil.

abti 05

Day 5 "Hummingbird Girl" in pencil and an experimental watercolour pencil abstract background. I still hate backgrounds. But I was very excited to see my hummingbird in her tree this morning, after missing her for two weeks!

And, no I did not skip day 4. My back was really hurting that evening so I did a doodle on the computer. Unfortunately, it was small (4x3), crappy, and copyrighted material, so no one gets to see it.

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