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2 October 2004 ... a Story of the People in my Head

Once upon a time, and still, there was a lot of stress in my life. I was very stressed out and had to do some "re-arranging" of the people in my head. A couple people died, and a couple new people came in.

With regret, I must inform you that my Writerly Voice was one of the people that died. Thus, the unannounced hiatus.

Without the Writerly Voice, things in my head got very quiet. And also, one of the new people brought with them a sickness. Everyone got sick. They were laying around, feeling blah. Even my therapy animal, the llama, was yucky.

Then someone brought us some tribbles. They thought the little furry, purring critters would cheer everyone up. Pretty soon, everyone had a couple of tribbles to pet and be happy with.

But you know tribbles. It wasn't long before there were piles of tribbles. And then the tribbles filled up my entire brain. I was going along in life with a head full of fuzz.

That was no good. So, I invented a special radiation light and when I turned it on, all the tribbles were neutered! And as a responsible animal caretaker, I couldn't just transport them to the Klingons... nope, I set them up on a nice planet a few lightyears away...

They've got plenty to eat, and the weather is good, and there aren't any predators on their planet. And it turns out that quality of life for a neutered tribble is much higher. They live longer and don't have to worry about raising baby tribbles.

Neutered tribbles are really quite smart! I built them a library and put in Internet access, and the tribbles are very happy on their planet.

I did keep a few tribbles. They've decided to help me be prolific in a different way... In an artistic and creative and writerly way!

I have high hopes for my new partnership. We'll see how it goes...

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