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8 August 2004 ... A Jumble

I think Tess has moved on. After Adric died, his spirit hung around for a long time. But Tess only stayed for a couple days. Maybe because Tess knows Tegan and I will be okay since we have each other. Adric was an "only child" so he felt he had to stay longer.

Tess is delighted that she can run again. She hadn't been able to run for her last month here because of her head tilt. Adric was my little Grey Bullet, and Tess is definitely running with him now. :)

I'm sure they will come back, visiting, once they have some of the run out of their system!

Web Site stuff

I am having the worst problem with hotlinkers. Curses on the image search engines. Many curses.

I'm thinking about doing something drastic to prevent hotlinking... Like taking down my site. I know that's not the right solution for me. It just drives me crazy that online people could be so damn inconsiderate, thinking they can help themselves to whatever photos or art that they see. Man, it pisses me off!

Movie stuff

I went to see The Village the other day. I rather liked it. If you're going to go and see it, do NOT read any of the spoilers on the 'Net. DO NOT!

Anyway. I used to watch movies a lot. I have my own collection of my favorites, which I watched over and over. And I never minded going out to see a movie in the theater by myself. But lately, in the past few years I've gotten away from my movies. And I miss them.

I've been seeing humming birds lately, so I decided to watch Star Trek: Insurrection. There is a humming bird in my favorite scene. I remember how disappointed I was when I saw this movie for the first time at the theater... it's really a quiet movie, and more like a ordinary Star Trek:NG tv episode. But now it's one of my favorite ST movies.

And now, I've bought a movie I've never seen before. It really annoys me when SO does this, because almost universally the movie turns out to be crap. But I have high hopes for this movie that I bought. It's called Winged Migration and I'm pretty sure I'll like it.

There's a new cat who is trying to kick Nosey out. It's a long hair, black cat... with a lion cut. Showed up two weeks ago. Pretty vocal about it, too.

Because of his hair cut, I assumed this was someone's pet. And since, at first, Lion was not interested in the cat food I left out for Nosey (who always leaves some leftover in the bowl), I figured that his owner was feeding him and just let him be an outside cat.

But now, Lion has taken over the food dish, and sits at the top of the stairs so that Nosey has to wait until Lion leaves to get food. And I don't know what to do about this. Do I take Lion to the Humane Society, even tho he might have a caretaker who would worry if he suddenly disappeared?

Don't know.

I have things to do. And I don't know where to start. Or I start and then get sidetracked and then I have second thoughts. For instance, I am working on a new page for my Unicorn Poem. I've updated my site map with the new URL, but never uploaded the page... so that's a dead link, as a couple people have discovered: sorry about that.

And no, I've not fixed it yet.

It's too hot, but I would like to go for a hike. But I am mostly missing walking in the forest. I can't wait to leave this desert.

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