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31 July 2004 ... Blue Moon

The second full moon in a month is called a blue moon, And it's not that rare... it occurs every 32 months or so.

But now you can say that I type here "once in a blue moon" because the moon is full tonight for the second time in July.

Standard boring notebook page

Lately, I have been thinking about journal writing. A bit more stress in my life, with Tess the guinea pig being ill and having to do a day of jury time and some major hotlinking problems and a hundred little things trying to pile up... I just have more to write about when I sit down with my notebook in the evening.

Entry with sketch of ficus leaves

Not much drawing going on, any more tho. During May and June, I had tried to get into the habit of drawing every time I wrote... This started out great, but during July it has definitely fizzled out.

One of the books I'm reading is Keeping a Nature Journal, which kind of makes me itch to draw. But every time I sit down, I have too many words to get out of my head first. Eh, that's okay for a little while, but I'm gonna start focusing on daily drawings again from now on.

In colour

A website I've recently taken an interest in is Journal Genie. It's a site where you type private journal entries, a computer program analyses your language and gives you a response. The ongoing service is not free, but you can get a five day trial with unlimited entries.

It's interesting. I've pasted in a few entries and typed up a few... I've found it's quite easy to open up the page, type in my 90 words and see what it says about me. It's kind of a short "brain drain".

Heh, even when I'm trying to type about happy things, quite often the Genie says I am filled with remorse and regret. I'm sure part of this is my depression showing through my writing style. And another part is the fact that I really wish I was doing .... something ...

We don't know what.

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