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27 June 2004 ... Desultry Bits

Haven't written in a while. Actually haven't done much of anything in a while. I am rather disappointed in myself. I feel like I should be making stuff... like a new book or a new site design or a drawing or something. But I'm too apathetic, lately.

Pulling up all these weeds!

I finally got vicious with the weeds in my big plant pot. The bird seed milo plant was mostly at the end of it's natural lifetime, and I cut it down a couple weeks ago. But then, last weekend, I pulled my three pretty weeds. Die, you weeds. and then I pulled up the milo stump... hard work, and it gave me splinters.

So, all that was left were my two little humming bird penstemons. But now, just a week later, I've got three grass-type weeds growing! Life fills the gaps, eh.

I had to clean up SO's computer of some viruses again this weekend. His free version of anti-virus found an active virus in a system file, which I manually deleted. And then, I ran my (much more thorough and paid for) anti-virus across our network and discovered some more infected files.

I was deleting system files and cab files left and right. haha. That was fun. But, again, don't try this at home, folks, unless you are prepared to lose your operating system!

We are now virus free again. And it was a not so subtle reminder that I need to be double checking all the computers in the house, to keep us all happy.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my little handheld? Other than reading my books on it, lately I've been playing games as well. I'm not much of a game player anymore, but for a few minutes I can be entertained. I play a couple games of pinball. Or a few years of SimCity.

My poor city is pretty sad. um, actually, it's still a town, even tho I've been playing for almost 50 years, I think. The people say the taxes are too high. fah on them, how am I supposed to build anything if I have no money!

And then I had to go and discover the Palm Software Store. They have this game called Plant Tycoon which looks delightful to me, and all the reviews say is addicting. And then I found this cool looking paint program... which I'm trying to decide if I need or not.

Crooked Palm drawn kitty cat

I haven't really used the drawing program which came with my handheld. It's a simple program with 1 bit colour depth (ie black and white, no grey). The new program would be in colour and have a variety of drawing tools.

eh. maybe.

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