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8 May 2004 ... Home is Where

... you hang your hat, right? hm.

I don't have a hat so for me, home is where my computers are.

Computer area

Yep, I snapped that pic just a couple minutes ago. That's Fiasco, who is my main computer, and Temperamental over on the right.

Other Important Stuff:

  • Bookshelves on the left.
  • Stuffies on top of main monitor.
  • Little pic of two horses under monitor. :)
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus next to keyboard.
  • Black thing in center of pic is the all important room fan, cooling off my hot CPU.
  • Little grey thing in front of fan is my handheld in it's cradle, recharging.
  • On top of the computer case is my wacom tablet and my good headphones.
  • The trackball box also has my stereo remote control and my Discover card... I just bought my mom a gift certificate for Mother's Day. *shh* don't tell!
  • Far right is my scanner on another box. And the mouse for Temperamental, and a couple of notebooks... one for website stats and the small one for temperature of the day and gas prices.

As you can tell, I don't believe in furniture!

Journal Notebooks storage

Home is also where I store my journaling notebooks. That's just a regular cardboard filing box... but eventually these will all get sent to Hollie Rose for permanent storage.

Started in college with the legal notepads on the far left, 1995, 1996 and 1997. The green envelopes contain my Morning Pages ( The Artist's Way), from Jan 1997 to Dec 1999. The couple more legal pads after that only have a couple pages written on.

Next comes the ten, double spiral notebooks, from Dec 1999 to Dec 2001. I was going through a full sized (9x11inches, 28x23cm), 100page notebook in about two months. whee.

pretty notebooks

And then I started using those cool journals you buy at the store. pretty pretty! Last year I wrote in a full sized book with papers without lines. fun fun! It took me six months to fill that notebook... I write small and don't have margins.

Currently, I'm writing and drawing in a spiral notebook with blank pages. My grandma decorated the cover of this one for me, with clouds and leaves and dragon flies, so it is very special to me!!

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