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21 February 2004 ... Blah, blah, blah

ooh. Was that a journal entry that said absolutely nothing? Yes, indeedy, I think it was the first.

Basically, I've just got a lot on my mind...

Stuff to worry about:

  • My partner.

  • Finances. I have yet to recover from Christmas, and here I am buying over 100$ worth of books? ack. And there are other things to buy, too... a Japanese Book Drill, a DVD-ROM, and I feel a Vegan Essentials run is imminent. And some new art for my walls (like The Olive Trees of last time). Where is all this money going to come from, eh?

  • Work has been deadly slow. I've got lots of alone time and lots of thinking time. I daydream. Or I read my book. I wrote a story. I doodled. No one has said anything, and after all I am their Golden Child and they want to keep me happy. But I do feel a bit guilty, especially when I'm caught reading.

  • I worry about the stray cat I've been feeding. WC has named the cat Nosey, because he's always looking into our apartment to see what's in here. I know that the right thing to do is to take Nosey to the Humane Society. But once you turn the critter over, the HS will not give you updates on whether or not the furry one has been adopted. I'd like to bring him into my home, but WC doesn't like cats. And Nosey is a wild one, he'd probably eat the guinea pigs.

  • My Art and Creativity. I've not worked on my web sites for weeks. I feel pretty bad about that. I have been drawing, here and there, but it doesn't feel like enough. I have projects planned, but I need supplies. sighs.

Things to be excited about:

  • The weekend.

  • Over 100$ worth of books! heh. I devoured Opal, The Journal of an Understanding Heart. It's in poetry form and it's just lovely. And I can't wait to delve into some Animal Planet books, Sonya Fitzpatrick, The Pet Psychic and Jeff Corwin. *delighted cheri*

    And then Dover had to have a sale, and I simply could not resist picture books! I got some Pictorial Archives of wild flowers, birds, animals, animals, animals. And some art guide books: Abstraction in Art and Nature and The Artistic Anatomy of Trees. And a book called Pictorial Calligraphy and Scrollwork: An Antique Copybook Rediscovered... to this one I say, "WOW". It is the coolest thing ever! Check it out... Dover, 1633 Copybook and click on the Zoom to see the cover of the book. Animals made out of squiggles! I love that! I want to do that! *so excited*

  • Tom's of Maine Gingermint toothpaste. Yum!

And general stuff from life:

You may know that I really enjoy playing with my Rubic's Cubes. Once I get going (ie, once I remember how), I can solve the Cube in about 7 minutes, I think.

Square 1, toy from the devil

I've also got this "cube" called a Square-1... the original shape is a cube, but the sub-pieces are not cubes, the top and bottom are divided into a starburst and the sides are either square or rectanglar. Messed up, it's definitely not a cube. And it's been messed up ever since I first touched it.

I started working on it the other night. And worked and worked. And could not even get one side... with the triangle peices and the rectangle pieces, it just did not move "right".

Decided to take it apart and start from scratch. Gave myself an edge and pried on it with my fingers for a while. didn't come apart. hm. got my multi-tool out and wedged that in and pried for a while. humph. Use force... and oops. Yeah, it broke. One of the inner support pieces is not so supportive anymore. crud.

But it's a cube again. You just can't touch it or it will fall to bits. eh. It was stupid anyway.

Stuff to amuse:

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