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18 January 2004 ... Little Bird

Are you ready for the weekly journal entry?! sheesh, I don't know why I've been so very quiet here so far this year. I do have things to say, but I guess a lot of my creative energy has been going into other things these past few weeks.

My notebook is looking pretty colourful. The other web site is finally shaping up. And I made my first "real" loaf of bread yesterday.

This morning I was heading out for a sunrise walk. Birds flew away as I opened the sliding glass porch door. Figured I would refill the hanging bird feeder when I got back, the feeder on the floor for the mourning doves still had plenty of seeds in it.

I turned to walk down the stairs and there's still a bird sitting on the wall. oh no. I'm about four feet away and he hasn't even noticed me. He isn't feeling well, sitting all hunched up with his feathers kind of messed up. Breathing through his mouth, panting, even tho it's a bit chilly. poor thing.

If I can pick him up, I'll bring him in and give him water and all the seeds he wants. I make a little motion, my hands still in my pockets, and the little bird turns to look at me. I know then that he's not going to let me pick him up. I back up, meaning to get some seeds for him, and he flys away.

okay. I leave and go walking. But I'm back in ten minutes, and the little bird is back in his same spot on the wall. The other birds scatter, but he lets me walk past him, "It's okay," I whisper. Then he flys over to the bird feeder. Now he doesn't have to fight for position! I stand at the top of the stair and guard him while he picks at the dregs in the feeder. Should have filled it up before I left.

When the other birds get brave in a few minutes, they come back and the sick one flys off again. I go ahead and fill up the feeder. And also put three little piles of seeds over on the wall where he was sitting.

I hope he gets better.

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