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1 January 2004 ... Happy New Year

New Year Resolution Stats:

  2001 2002 2003
Read 35 books 31 books 33 books
S8 71 entries 61 entries 86 entries
Classes 15 9 4

I wanted to be more crafty for 2003, but I wasn't really.

But some things did get done. 2003 Highlights, in no particular order:

  • The guinea pigs got a new home which I built.
  • Two new site designs (tho, only one made it here).
  • My domain ownership is updated.
  • I made a couple blank books, and one which was desktop published.
  • I whipped up some desktop published stationary for my mom.
  • My 30th birthday was pretty awesome, with a hot air ballon ride and a trip to the butterfly garden.
  • I made a few sheets of stickers.
  • I re-arranged my bedroom and got bookshelves.
  • Our household has upgraded from VHS to DVD.
  • I bought my handheld computer.
  • I made 30 doodles for the November challenge
  • I started becoming a vegan.

A few things that I wanted to do, but didn't:

  • Sewing stuffed animals
  • Updating certain parts of my web site (library and art)
  • ABC Inspiration book (still in idea stage, bah)

For 2004

It seems the book reading and the Static8 journal entries and notebook writing are pretty much self-propagating, so I'll just let them run their course. I would like to take a few more online classes... even tho it seems most of them are not-so-free-anymore.

But this year, I would like to get some projects done. And thus, my New Year's Intention is *drum roll* 12 Projects!.

As in, I would like to finish at least one project every month during the year. Projects can be big or small, but they should be something I wouldn't ordinarily do. I am allowed to complete more than one project a month, but the second project cannot be rolled over to count for the following month. ie, each month is distinct and must contain one finished project.

And in that spirit, I already started... for the last week of December (for a December project), I wrote my very first protest letter:

IDA Action Alert, Postage Stamp
I wrote to the U.S. Postage Stamp Advisory Committee and told them to deny a pro-trapping stamp. Because animal trapping for fur is cruel and not ethical, and should not be depicted on a US stamp.

And my January project is going to be the new web site for the artists.

And beyond that, here are some more potiential projects...

  • Make bread :):):)
  • ABC Inspiration book
  • Protest letter
  • Friend letter
  • Stuffed Animals !!!
  • Paint (with acrylics set I got for xmas)
  • Pastel Pencils
  • 50 words of Fiction every day for a month
  • 10 minutes of Piano playing every day
  • static8 entry every day (yeah right)
  • three or four Movies a week, for the month
  • Throw one thing out of my closet every day
  • Doodles every day
  • or One Major Drawing
  • Update a web page

Best wishes for Everyone's New Year!

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