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23 November 2003 ... Pigs and Plants

Just feel like showing off my growing things and critters!

guinea pigs: can we have treats now?

I let the guinea pigs run around my bedroom every weekend morning. Here they are, standing against my bean bag asking for treats. That's Tessera on the left, Tegan on the right.

Some of my house plants:

house plants

The back door plants. SO calls them all Swamp Grass. :) The grassy ones are spider plant "babies". There's some aloe vera in the back. The stick coming out of the big round white pot belongs to the umbrella plant.

Umbrella Plant

I got my umbrella plant from work at the veterinary clinic, in 1999 or thereabouts. It was just a foot tall back then, and now it's around three and a half feet tall. This is the plant that I keep chopping the top off, in order to make it grow branches. But, as you can see, no branches yet, it just keeps growing UP. humph.

Spider Plant

This is the spider plant mom. I think this plant is also called an Airplane Plant. I grew the main plants from seed, but I can't remember what year I got them going... mid 90s maybe?

a bit of Ficus

The short half of my smaller Ficus Benjamina. The other half of the plant spreads out about three feet in the other direction. If it were a bonsai, it would be magnificent. As it is, it just tips over easily. It's in desperate need of a bigger, more stable pot.

I've got a larger ficus, as well. It's about 3.5 feet tall with a 4.5 foot spread. I've had my ficuses since I was a teen... about 15 years or so. They are my favorites of my current bunch.

little Philodendron

This little guy is my latest addition, a cut up Philodendron from my current job at the sign making company. I've had it for a month or two. It seems pretty happy, all four sections have sprouted several leaves. I'm sure it will be taking over our kitchen counter before I know it.


This is my outside pot. I've determined that the bird seed plant is milo, I've been calling it millet, til now. It's about 4 feet tall. This pic was taken last weekend and now all three of stalks you see have seed thingees coming out of them.

You can't see the two baby Penstemons... they are still only green sticks, about three or four inches tall. And I noticed two more baby something-or-others growing in my pot this weekend. These new ones actually have leaves, not grassy sticks like the milo or penstemons, so I have no idea what they are going to turn out to be. Hope they can grow through the "winter" here in the desert.

Guinea pigs

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