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12 October 2003 ... Caffeine

I'm not a coffee drinker, but weekend mornings, I usually drink the favored International Coffees by General Foods. I like Swiss White Chocolate and the Caramel flavor.

But in the last month or so... eh. I'm just not enjoying my fake coffee. I've gotten bored with it, I suppose. It's lost it's charm. Plus, it's not vegan.

I considered making some real coffee. SO drinks. He usually brews the kind that comes in a big round tin. But he's also got a grinder and there are several bags of coffee beans laying around the kitchen. (why aren't they in the freezer to keep them fresh? I don't know.)

But I didn't feel like figuring out how to make the coffee maker go.

So I'm munching on some Static-made chocolate covered coffee beans.

Yeah. okay. they aren't really "covered". I just put a square of Hershey's in my mouth with a couple coffee beans and crunch them all together. But it's just as good, huh.


'Course the Hershey's isn't vegan, either. But it's the last bar in the house. And I'm pretty sure the Safeway brand of coffee beans isn't organic and is destroying the environment.

So, I need to find some fake chocolate and some organic coffee. 'Cause that's yummy.

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