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30 September 2003 ... Static Prompts

How do you personalize your work area?

I've got my own desk at my day job, but I don't have much there...

  • My calendar. It's the IFAW calender but I never gave them any money. I draw happy faces on the holidays.

  • A drawing with my name. I switch between 3 of these. I've got a Christmas scene (tree, presents, snow flakes), a summer scene (tree, flowers, happy sun, bunny) and the current one with a sea horse and sea snail.

  • A horse sculpture I made out of used masking tape. His head is about 9 inches high, about 6 inches at the withers. I think he's brilliant :)

  • A braille cheat sheet with all the #s, letters, and about six or seven contractions I use most often.

  • oh, and my tape dispencer has a rats tail. Heh.

How do you personalize the car?

  • dust. I hate washing the car.
  • Eeyore hangs from the passenger side visor.
  • a green dolphin is clipped to the driver's side visor.
  • flyers get tossed in the passenger foot area.

How do you personalize the computer monitor?


  • the Art Mouse
  • Spikey the Zebra
  • Pellet the Hamster
  • Eeyore *yes, I like Eeyore, okay*
  • Dickens the Donkey
  • dust. I hate dusting.

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