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21 August 2003 ... this and that

In the News
Past couple weeks: New York has no electricity and Phoenix has no gasoline.

Makes me want to go out and buy non-perishable food in bulk, a solar powered generator and a hybrid car.

On the Palm
Last weekend, I had my very first crash. And I quote from the Palm Handbook:

Reset button. Resets your handheld. Under normal use, you should not have to use the reset button.


For the birds
We ran out of birdseed this week. I am using the "no gasoline" excuse to avoid going to the store to get more seeds. The birds aren't buying it, tho... they see me drive to work everyday, and they squawk at me: "No gas, huh? You lying human!" Hey, ya know, I'll get to the store eventually, go eat some worms or somethin'.

As a newbe Vegan
To break my chocolate addiction I am going sans Hersheys (and all other chocolates, of course) for three weeks. So far, so good, but I do need to find an alternate evening treat. hm.

Guinea pig on my Palm T2 notepad

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