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4 July 2003 ... Happy Independence Day

Yay three day weekend! Work has just been insane lately, so the theme for this particular holiday is to relax and have fun. :)

Yep, they do sell birdseed which is mostly millet. Got some at the beginning of the week, and looks like we're keeping schedule of filling up the feeder every other day.

This morning, I peeked out the blinds before I opened them. And about fifty million birds flew away! They were having a little birdy feast out there! ha.

After I opened the blinds, I stood and watched for a while. Course, hardly anyone was brave enough to eat while I'm standing ten feet away. Mostly, the two girl finches that stuck around just eyed me. And then a big fat pigeon flew in, stood on the wall, and eyed me.

And then I had to sneeze and everyone went away then. darn.

Every weekend morning, I let the guinea pigs out for a run. I have to guinea-pig-proof the room first, since they aren't allowed under my bed or in my computer area. There are many cords in these areas and I don't want them tempted to chew on them.

So, this morning I let them out, then left the room to go watch the birds. When I came back, Tegan is staring at me from inside the computer area. Naughty girl.

I scoop her up and sit with her while I turn on the computer. "You just want to see what it's all about over here, huh?" I ask her. I decide it's okay for her to play here, as long as I'm watching her, so I set her back down.

She sniffs here and there and then just lies down, right under the monitor. Ah, she's so cute. But she must go out into the big area, to get some exercise. I give them a fruit and vege log for treat.

Currently downloading a patch for Paint Shop Pro 8. It's pretty huge, too, I guess they had many issues to fix.

I've not been doing a very good job about reading the User Guide, so I'm still not very familiar with what the new version can do. Maybe I'll get to work on that over this weekend.


*movement at the edge of my vision* ACK! TWO little guinea pigs UNDER my BED. Good Grief. These people have no respect for the rules! And here comes Tess, carefully checking out the computer area. *shakes head*

They wander into the computer area and I block off their escape route under my bed. They think it's cool in the forbidden area, wandering around, chewing on my papers and notes and hershey wrappers. And I'm taking this opportunity to teach Tess that being picked up isn't some terrible thing that we need to freak out about. heh.

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