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20 April 2003 ... Randomness

On a site of Static, there should be some chaos and randomness, every once in a while.

It occurred to me the other day that I would really enjoy drinking coke out of a wine glass. Unfortunately, I don't drink wine and thus, don't have any wine glasses. oh well.

I've been writing down my dreams in my notebook. Lately, I've been having some pretty memorable dreams. Don't worry, I won't bore you with the details. It does seem strange that the dreams are all calmly destructive.

My crummy canvas shoes

My shoes, which have seen better days many years ago, got a comment the other day. I reply, "My shoes are a testament to the fact that I hate to shop."

Friday night, I had to find some books. Andre Norton. She's a prolific writer, and I'm a prolific buyer... Go through the first box, no-go, altho I wouldn't mind re-reading The Chronicles of Narnia books or the Madeleine L'Engle series.

In the second box, I had to go through two stacks of Andre Norton books before I found the ones I wanted. A trilogy:

Cover art of Andre Norton's Moon of Three Rings
  • Moon of Three Rings, 1966

  • Flight in Yiktor, 1986

  • Dare to Go A-Hunting, 1990
Cover art of Andre Norton's Flight in Yiktor

All out of print, unfortunately... even the most recent one. I bought all three books new. Moon is a 13th printing, and the other two are both first mass market printings. The first two books are rather beat up... I read them a few too many times and then I loaned them out. bah.

And there has never been a book that had "cheri" written all over it like Moon of Three Rings. The main character, Maelen, is a witch with magical powers who talks to her animal friends and then turns the other main character, Krip Vorlund a spacer, into an animal to save his life.

wow. Kind of like, "The Pet Psychic? It's only the GREATEST show on television!!" bahahaha!

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