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28 January 2003 ... the Clutter

You know what my problem is? I buy too many books. hm. Actually the real problem is a lack of places to put the books.

by the bed

This is the extreme mess next to my bed. Books and books. A few candles. Writing and drawing utensils. and Junk, and some trash.

I have Never cleaned out this space. I have only "organized" so that I can pile more stuff. And, yes, it's starting to annoy me.

One of these days I will make a Walmart run and get some bookshelves. And then I shall be happy. Well, after I put the shelves together and put the books and junk on them, then I'll be happy. maybe.

But then we've got the other side of the room. My CDs are overflowing their box. And the book making stuff doesn't even have an official home, so it's all over the place. And I'm not even going to consider the crap in my closet!

You know why it's nice to move every couple years? Because it gives you a reason and a deadline to go through all your stuff.

(Happy Birthday, Bro!)

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