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1 January 2003 ... Happy New Year

I don't feel very new-yearish. Let's do some resolutions to get in the mood. Resolutions? How about some Aspirations instead. Or Intentions? :)

A review of last year's...

Read Yep, I've been reading. 31 books read in 2002. Not as many as the 35 I read in 2001, however I did tackle such books as Atlas Shrugged and um, Little Women was really long, too. :)

Finances I wanted to pay off 50% of my debt. Due to a little car accident I went even further into debt. Due to a little car accident settlement, I have been able to pay off 100% of the debt, and I've still got quite a bit left in the savings account. Excellent, eh.

Web Site hm. I wanted some revamping which never happened, and I wanted 100 journal entries. And there are only 61 entries in 2002. humph.

Writing another hm. I thought I wanted to complete five notebooks. And then I decided to change my style. My notebooks are much smaller, and I've only just started on the fourth one. But they are much more artistic than they have been in the past. Colors and drawings and freedom. Better.

Aspirations for 2003. Basically, be more creative, crafty and artistically productive.

I have an idea of what I'd like to accomplish. Like draw more, and maybe get the Art site going again. Like write more, get this site going again. Read stuff and revamp the library site.

But, I think I've said all those Resolutions before, and nothing ever got done. Perhaps my aspiration should be to find some motivation.

Anti-Resolutions, thanks to Purple_Ink:

  • I resolve to never comb my hair again. This will require a severe hair cut, I think.
  • I resolve to ignore my flatmate's preferrences and take care of any stray animals as I see fit.
  • I resolve to read for pleasure for hours on end and not feel guilty about it.
  • I resolve to spend lots of time, uselessly, on my computer and online.
  • I resolve to eat as much chocolate as I can afford.
  • I resolve to consume caffeine like an addict.
  • I resolve to find some chocolate covered coffee beans and eat them all.

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