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20 October 2002 ... Vote

Today, I was talking with my parents on the phone. My Dad asks, "Are you registered to vote?" "No," I say, "Too many morons out there." "Well, maybe there wouldn't be if the smart people started voting," he replies.

Yes, I know all the good reasons why I should be voting. And I've only got _excuses_ as to why I don't vote. But, they are good excuses, to me at least.

Highest on my list of excuses is my mild neo-phobia... Going someplace new, talking to strangers, is just too stressful for me.

I know nothing about the issues or the people being voted on... And I don't care to take the time to find out about them. In the big scheme of things, my one vote will not change the world (yes, I do realize how pathetic this excuse is). And, finally, I would just rather not sully myself.

All that being said, if someone were to hand me a packet... Where all the issues were laid out for me in common, simple language, with everyone's pros and cons for me to read about... and an ability to vote from my home computer... I would probably vote. Maybe.

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