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15 September 2002 ... Books

It's Sunday, late morning and I'm sitting in front of my computer. Drinking fake, caramel coffee and eating a vegetarian burger. I've already done several hours of web surfing, and some writing. And now I am staring at my Amazon wish list, trying to come to some kind of decision.

Morris, Design for Bird, Paperblank Book Company

You see, I've decided to buy the Bird Design Journal. And when you buy stuff online, you can't just buy one thing. With the shipping costs, that's just not very cost effective.

But I really can't decide what book or books I want off my wish list. There are animal rights books. Which I should get because a person like me should own more than one. There are unicorn books, which I should get because I like beautiful things.

Writing and journalling books. Random science books like Infinity and the Mind and What Shape is a Snowflake. A few science fiction books... tho in general I buy my science fiction from book stores, since browsing for new authors is more interesting that way.

There are just too many choices, I want them all.

Right now, I am reading like five different books. I'm not... having trouble, per se. After all, to multitask my reading is standard operating procedure around here. It's just, I am not reading as often as I usually do, kind of slacking off. And it's been ages since I've actually finished reading a book.

Arg. And now I must go buy new books. If only I could decide.

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