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27 May 2002 ... An Entry

In an effort to put up an entry which is less lame than usual, I have been sitting in front of my computer for days. I started typing about my computer. Deleted. I started typing about books, but it's been done, two entries ago. Deleted. I wrote a delightful entry about the guinea pigs. But that got printed up and stuck into my notebook.

And so we have another "Fragments" entry...

  • We went to see Star Wars II yesterday. I very much enjoyed the movie and would like to see it again. But Spirit is next on the list.

  • I have decided to start a new web site about reading/books. Yes, I know, I can hardly be bothered to play with the web sites I already have. But, you know, I am insane like that. heh. I've got a subdomain, I just need to find some inspiration concerning a site design.

  • Ah, so many books, so little time. And now I am taking a reading class as well. I am feeling very literary.

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