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5 May 2002 ... Animals

Welcome to Be Kind To Animals Week!!

And of course you are kind to the animals? If you have a cat, it's an indoor kitty, only. And you don't feed your dog Old Roy. And you never give animals as gifts. You brush your long hairs on a regular basis, and trim nails every month. Vet checks at least once a year, huh. And when it's time to bring someone new into your family, you stop at the local shelters first!

The Humane Society, US

    These things make me sad. :(
  • Meat. Please think about going vege this week. Free Vegetarian Starter Kit!
  • Skin. I don't buy leather or fur. That's somebody else's skin!
  • Animal testing sucks.
  • I hate it when humans don't spay/neuter.
  • Neglect. grrr.

Well, that's depressing. To cheer you up: go hug your companion animal!

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