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26 April 2002 ... Comments

At work we get to fill out our own time cards. You put your name, your department, and each day gets one line, add up all the hours.

And then, at the bottom of the sheet there is one line that says "comments". I like to write something on that line. Usually it's simply a smiley face or a "Happy Friday!" After my car accident, I drew a self portrait... a frowning face with long hair and a big bump on her forehead. heh.

Two weeks ago, I turned in a time card without a comment. Handed it to the general manager, he looked down at it and said, "No smiley face today?"

I was actually amazed. That anyone paid attention. Someone noticed me.

So today, I am back in the comment business. I wrote "Happy Earth Week" and drew a little Earth, colored in the oceans with my blue pen, added stars.

And, ya know, I feel good that maybe, possibly, my tiny artwork drew a smile from someone. Perhaps just lightened their day for a split second.

I think I've decided those "Random Acts..." are about the most important things in the world.

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