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19 April 2002 ... Work

I have been working at the sign making company for a year now. I started April 16th, last year.

It really is a pretty good job for me. Not perfect, mind you... It doesn't pay enough... but pretty good.

I get to live out my perfectionist tendencies when I proof all the signs. I'm dealing with Words all day long, I like that. I've learned how to proof braille, tho I can't read it very well yet. I'm moving around a lot. And I've got my own desk. I don't have to deal with very many people, and the one lady I do work intimately with is a good and talkative person.

But best of all, I think, is the fact that I get to make things. Isn't that cool? I make stuff. Sure, it's not the finished product, and it's pretty far away from being the finished product. But still, I'm the one that takes the raw material and makes something out of it. Something you can hold in your hand and say "cheri made this."

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