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27 August 2001 ... Slow at Work
So. It's been really slow at work lately. I mean slow. All last week and most of today, instead of making signs, I've been going through old files. It's not too bad, every once in a while there's something interesting in there...

There's resellers in Canada (ooh, nice and cool!), one in Hawaii (that sounds nice, too). The reseller in Singapore was kind of a dork, always compaining about something. He used to get a 57% discount and now he's only getting 45%: complain, complain. And then the boxes we ship in are too big and are adding to his shipping costs. Roll the eyes... Now that I think about it, I should have thrown those files away and then we would never have to deal with him again.

Then there was the time we lost a 12,000$ account because we kept losing the sample sign we were supposed to send. heh, oh well.

And every once in a while I find some interesting logos and I have to stop and study them for a while.

But mostly. Mostly, it's just mind numbingly boring. I start out okay. I think about the meaning of life. And then I make up a story about what I would be doing if I was in that one Twilight Zone show were all the humans disappear and the guy just goes nuts, but I would be in heaven. And then I start thinking about ditching this whole stupid thing, run away, go home and spend the rest of my life trying to incorporate my consciousness into the Internet.

Clippy Sculpture is Cool
And then I make art. I take all those stupid little clippy things that I've been pulling off the files I'm throwing away, and I clip them together
Clippy Sculpture is ART
into a little clippy sculptures. And I've got this great big grin on my face, because this is the coolest thing I've done all day. :)

Yeah, so now the only question is "What am I going to do with all the clippy thingees I stole from work?" heh.

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