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27 March 2001 ... Dreams of Horses
The Small  Blue Horse, 1912 at
I dreamt of horses last night. I dream of horses a lot, probably because they have been such a big part of my life. Last night's dream is a typical cheri-type dream...

I was a caretaker at a horse ranch, I was out in one of the pens rounding up the horses for the night. I was trying to catch one specific horse because she and her baby were to spend the night in the stable, instead of out with the other horses.
Morning Romp at
The mare I wanted galloped off and jumped the fence. Me and a few other people went after her, and I was impressed when I got to the fence because it was seven or eight feet high. The other people spread out to find the mare, but I was pretty sure she would be grazing down at the corner lot. Sure enough, she was down there and an old man had caught her and was bringing her back. I took her and brought her to the stable and told one of the others to bring in the foal as well.

I was thinking about the dream today, and it reminded me of the first horse ranch I worked at. There were 15 or 20 horses in the back pasture, including one ancient, retired brood mare, named Queeny. I don't remember how old she was, in her thirties, I suppose. Her back was swayed, her face was bony, and her hair was starting to go gray. We had to feed her separate from the other horses, so I would throw down hay for all the others, and while they were munching I would open the gate and let her out. Queeny made a bee-line straight for the barn, and her own special stall. I didn't have to lead her, and if I forgot to open the door to the barn or her stall, she would wait for me, not so patiently.

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