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20 March 2001 ... Last Day, etc.
Well, so much for that job. Yep, they laid me off today.

I was not surprised at all... Starting first thing in the morning, I was doing exactly what they told me to do, but it was all basically busy work. I was making hundreds of little thingees that they already had hundreds of. I was feeling extremely un-needed and superfluous. Right when I was wondering why they had hired me, it occured to me that it was the same situation about a month before they laid me off at the other place: too many workers hanging around and not enough work for us to do.

So, I'm a jobless bum, once again. But, it's a hundred dollars or so, that I didn't have before. Too bad I went and spent four times that on my car the other day. Typical.

Oh, and you know... Yesterday, on my way to work, I hit an above average pot hole, and a hub cap popped off. And I just had to laugh at that particular flying saucer. Poor little car is down to one hub cap now. I wonder how long it'll last. Probably not long with the luck the car has been having lately.

Not to mention my own luck...

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