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15 March 2001 ... The Ides of March
It's been a day. It started out normal enough. I got up, I computered, I ate pizza for breakfast. Around 11, I got a call from my temp agency. Actually, THE call. Yay, they gave me a job! I start on monday.

My first thought is of my car, I need to buy at least one tire and it's due for a tune up. I walk down to my car to get the exact mileage... and find that, yet again, someone has opened their car door into my car. There's a horrible scrape covering about half the driver's door.

Oh, I was pissed. And again, there's no one around to blame it on. But I am bound and determined to complain about it. I run down to the apartment office, they tell me they can do nothing unless I know who did it. Then, I have to call my mom because I didn't know what to do next. She tells me to call the insurance people and maybe the police.

Poor Car
So, the first lady I talked to at the insurance place is of course a total bitch. I explain the situation and she just says, "You don't have collision coverage." I say, "uh. Right." She repeats herself, "You don't have collision coverage." I'm like, "Right. So. What does that mean?" She rambled on a bit, telling me about things which are totally incomprehensible to me: some kind of random coverage which I am supposed to have, but is not available in my state or something stupid like that. I sum it up for her: "So, basically, you can't help me?" She rambles some more and eventually transfers me to a nice lady who explained everything in a pleasant tone.

So, they aren't going to give me any money to fix my poor, poor broken car. But I feel better for complaining about it. I decided not to call the police, the nice lady told me it would probably be pointless since I don't have a witness and it would be impossible to prove anything since dings happen in parking lots all the time.

Poor Car
But I am still highly annoyed about all the damage which has occurred in that parking lot... Honda emblem stolen off my hood, a hub cap stolen, a long ugly scrape across the driver door, and the mauled fender. So much for resale value. Poor little car.

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