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10 January 2001 ... Thanks Again
Well, well. Another January tenth has rolled around. It's time to thank people again on my anti-thesis thanksgiving day.
  • Thanks to my family. All the general "I love you's" plus: Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me out. Jeff: You are the coolest brother in the world.
  • My heartfelt thanks to Adric the guinea pig. Good bye Little One.
  • Thanks to CrystalShiloh, you're an awesome friend!
  • Thanks to s&co. I love you forever.
  • Thanks to all the people I have met online. Thanks to all the forum people, especially Skye whose words have encouraged me even when she's not around. Thanks to purple_ink members, stay creative. And I am thankful for my computers, Temperamental and Fiasco, for making all things possible.
  • And Clark. Thanks for putting up with me. Thanks for keeping me in one piece. Thanks for being the perfect guy for me.

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