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sat 5 nov 2016

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The daily sketching is going amazingly well. There is little complaining in my head before I start my sketch every evening. There is little indecisiveness about what to draw... if a drawing topic isn't immediately apparent, I just go to the mirror and draw myself.

And yes, I need a lot of practice drawing humans, but so far my sketches actually look like almost human -- or maybe more like a human-alien hybrid -- but still: recognizable as a human, even if it doesn't look specifically like me.

faces messy desk


I really like the scribbly mess that I drew of the stuff on my desk! And I really do not like the fox drawing... I was trying too hard!

Stay tuned, I'll try to post the rest of this week's drawings tomorrow!

sun 6 nov 2016

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Sat myself in front of the full length mirror and sketched my whole self for a couple days.

After the first sketch, I realized the proportions were off: the body was too big for the head.

For the second sketch, I blocked off the head, sketched the body, then came back and adjusted the size of the head before working on it... much better!

Hands and Feet are hard! Yikes!

I am very much appreciating my chosen size of 4x6inches... A small size and it's a lot easier to keep the fine details "suggested," rather than actually drawn. Perfect for my imperfections! :)


Along with the daily sketching, I'm also continuing to create mail every day. This week, I've sent 25 postcards and notecards!

fri 11 nov 2016

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I have major anxiety and depression about the future of the United States, and the global community.

But I intend to be a light in the darkness.

I intend for all of my actions to come from a place of love and of kindness and of generosity.

Daily Sketching
sun 13 nov 2016

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stamp roll holder

track ball

Sketching in front of the full length mirror is fun... I especially like to draw the folds in clothing, and foreshortening (like my drawing arm in the above sketch) is challenging! But, the mirror is not in my room, so I don't always have access to it!

So, what catches my eye? The shadows and swoops of the sticker paper coming out of my stamp roll holder! and the curves of my track ball on my computer desk.

hand holding a drink

toes in my work area

work area photo

And then I wanted to try drawing some hands. The first one looked terrible when I finished it, thus the "foo"... but now that I see it with fresh eyes, it's not too horrid.

The sketch of my work area actually began as a sketch of my hand on my knee. Then Significant Other walked in and said "nice drawing of your toes".

*laughs* I looked at the picture, erased most of it, abandoned it. And started this drawing of my toes. huh, much better!

This has happened a few times now. Sometimes I keep the bad sketch, because it is so far along, and sometimes the bad sketch is tossed in the recycling bin! But there is always a decent sketch of the day to scan in for the web site. So far, at least!


And 26 postcards and notecards sent this week! I need to work on some thank you notes and letters in the coming week, so my total for next week will be down.

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