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Urban Wildlife part 2
sun 3 may 2015

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As I was leaving the house yesterday, I noticed this:

cat up a tree

The cat is someone I didn't recognize; not one of our usual "strays". He was well above my second story window and acting rather consternated about being so far off the ground.

The locals were very upset... There were two starlings and one squirrel yelling at him. In just a few minutes, two crows joined the very vocal protest.

The cat walked back and forth along the limbs, studying and judging the 12feet / 3.5meter jump to the car port next to the tree. Despite his obvious nervousness, I believed he was capable, and I left home with confidence that he would get down on his own!

My trust was not misplaced. He was not in the tree when I came back. :)

And our Killdeer couple have not abandoned their nest in the middle of our community garden plot... The nest in the beet patch now contains 4 eggs.

The mom was still very annoyed with our gardening presence. But I stayed farther from her nest than I did last weekend (when I was accidently practically stepping on it). And she mostly traded her broken wing act for yelling at us instead... Her shy partner on the other hand was doing his act 50 feet away. I didn't even notice him half the time!

We've got 3 weeks before the babies are hatched. And we'll work around the nest as best we can and hope for the best!

Killdeer standing over her four eggs

not so good
sat 23 may 2015

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May is my birthday month, but a couple things have happened and I'm a little bit sad.

Our killdeer nest -- which was in the middle of our community garden plot -- got raided by a predator, who ate ½ the eggs around the 8th of May and the other ½ on the 17th. Evidence of the last crime was a bit bloody, and it really upset me. And now, thinking about our garden makes me sad... Stuff was being planted and weeded all around the nest while we had eggs. But now there's this big empty space that we've been working around since they started the nest...

And this weekend, I have a lot of homework that I brought from my day job. bleh, so much for the three day weekend. Having extra stuff that must be done forces me to be more organized with my time. So other stuff is getting done... unfortunately it's not very interesting stuff.

But all I need to do is go for a walk and life starts looking better. There are ducklings...

Ducklings with mom

And there are pretty flowers... purple rhododendron

And the lupines are starting to bloom. And the swallows are flying. And the garden is starting to grow.

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