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Write for Rights
sat 5 dec 2015

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Amnesty International's Write for Rights campaign is the largest human rights event in the world! I've been participating since 2011, and it's become an annual tradition for me.

There are 12 cases you can write for... most of them have addresses to send one letter of protest to a government official, and one letter of solidarity to an individual or family. My goal this year is to send 8 protest letters and 5 cards of solidarity.

And I sent my first protest letters this morning...

Amnesty International Write For Rights

Yep, I love to decorate the envelopes!

The thing that's great about this campaign is that sample letters are provided... so all you have to do is print them up and sign them. They make it really easy!

And this is a campaign with many successes! Governments that get inundated with Amnesty International letters actually work to correct situations. And of course, the cards of solidarity that are received by people in prison or in difficult situations, bring hope and courage.

If you have a couple of stamps laying around, I invite you to join me in writing some Amnesty International letters this year! Check out the web site, and if you have any questions or need help, please feel free to email me!

  Write for Rights

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