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Lab Animal Liberation Week
sun 20 april 2014

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Okay, nevermind about the long pause in the blogging. Just re-arranging some stuff in the life!

And also I got bored with the mail related blog posts, here. I never meant for this site to be about postcards and letters only, and that's what it has become. Yes, making snail mail is a big part of my life... but I am a well-rounded human with many interests! :) And Static8 should reflect that!

So today I want to type about World Day for Laboratory Animals. The British National Anti-Vivisection Society dedicated a day on 24 April 1979, which is the birthday of a former NAVS president. The day, and now the week, is celebrated by demonstrations and protests by animal activists who want to end the use of animals in research.

As a vegan who cares for two sweet guinea pigs, animal testing is a topic that is important to me. Adopting guinea pigs is part of my animal activism.

the piggies

(sorry for the terrible pic, but they are both in it! Lucy in front, Ethel wondering what's going on.)

Please take a moment and think about some of the products you use. How about switching your shampoo to one with the leaping bunny logo? Don't give any more money to charities that experiment on animals. Support Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine instead.

Yay Vegan!

Stuff in Sept: Vegan MoFo
sat 27 sept 2014

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I am not a foodie, and I hate to cook, so I tend to ignore the fact that September is the Vegan Month of Food. But for many of the vegan blogs I watch, this is the only time of year that they post, and it's easy to get excited about some of the great food they write about!

And so the discovery of vegan mac & cheese.

I don't buy very many convenience foods: expensive and not healthy. But I like to try new things from Vegan Essentials every once in a while, and I had a box of the Earth Balance White Cheddar Mac & Cheese laying in the pantry.

And when Vegan Chai kicked off her Vegan MoFo with Mac & Cheese Mondays, I figured I'd give my box of mac & cheese a chance.

Yeah, I loved it. I got addicted in one meal, and now only wonder when I can get my next fix. It's all on backorder... so Earth Balance is pretty much evil for not making enough!

gold finches

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