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an overdue update
sat 28 june 2014

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It's been over a month since my last post here. I miss this. Typing up a post, and uploading my photos is enjoyable. I should do it more often!

The snow peas were not very successful this year, only a couple handfuls were gathered. The beets (a new experiment this year) are good -- three pulled up so far, and a bunch of little ones that still need to grow up! I ate my first (Gold Rush) yellow zucchini today! and the Sun Gold cherry tomatoes will hopefully get going soon. The butternut squash (another first year experiment) is nice and big and thinking about some blossoms.

Gold Rush zucchini

Mailing Projects
I have managed to fall behind on my personal mailing projects... which is to say, more behind than usual! ha. But I'm working on it this weekend, want to get the "May" postcards out the door. I have abandoned my Amnesty International writing again, and I've not even written any Animal Letters either. Not to mention my LetterMo replies. I guess I was taking a break, but I'm ready to get writing again now!

USA Forever Stamps: Song Birds

Art Journal
Decided I should occasionally use some of the art tools I buy! I'm aiming to work in my new blank book once a week. Last Weekend: Copics + Tombows. I think I would like to focus on illustrating some quotes... Mostly working on the lettering. maybe some drawing too?

House Projects
I have been taking a year-long Space Clearing online class. It's going amazingly well. It's amazing because I'm still looking at the daily lessons! I typically start ignoring online classes after two weeks, and here I am, still going strong six months into the class! ha!

Little things, here and there, get cleaned or taken care of. With house stuff, I have learned to ask for help and my partner has done some amazing things around here. My big goal, tho, is to take care of the piles in my bedroom. well... the best I can say about that is that it hasn't gotten much worse. *shakes head* At least I'm on the path!

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