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USA, Hobby Lobby Decision
fri 4 july 2014

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I try to avoid politics, but this thing annoys me so much, I feel I should type something about it.

On Monday, the US Supreme Court ruled that corporations may claim religious rights to be exempt from Obamacare's mandatory coverage for birth control. Basically, Hobby Lobby will not cover certain forms of birth control in the health insurance they provide to their employees.

This is horrifing on so many levels. Not paying for birth control in your health plan? What century do we live in? And then, we are granting ever more individual rights to corporations. And also, it is opening the door a little wider on the "war on women".


I am not happy with the Hobby Lobby decision, and I am not proud to live in a country where corporate rights trump the rights of people.

Enough of that. Here is some cuteness relief...

guinea pigs, Ethel and Lucy

That's Ethel eating some beet greens and Lucy who has snubbed the beet greens and wonders what she's supposed to eat. haha.

Update: 12 July

Thanks to Aimee Dars for the link...

Knit a Brick, Secular Coalition for America

I am supporting this campaign!

Independence Day Weekend
sat 5 july 2014

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Yep, we went out to see the fireworks. I had fun, but think next year we'll have to find a new place to watch... The fireworks didn't seem to go up as high this year, and most of the explosions were half hidden by the trees at the bottom of this pic! disappointing!

Plus, I need to remember to study my camera settings before I leave the house! ha. I just guessed on one of the night settings, since this cam doesn't have a specific "fireworks" setting. humph.

And this morning, a trip to the garden...

Baby Butternut

We've got a baby butternut squash! Ate a couple cherry tomatoes today. And the lemon cucumber plant is finally getting serious about growing. Couple more beets will be ready to pull up maybe next weekend.

And I'll be picking the 4th yellow Gold Rush zucchini tomorrow...

sharing space

It's a little bit hard to see in the above pic because of the morning sunlight, but that is a volunteer tomato plant on the right! ha!

We had a volunteer tomato plant last year as well, but it didn't amount to much, tho it did make a few tomatoes. This one looks much healthier! It's interesting because the only tomatoes we plant are hybrids, which shouldn't be able to reproduce. But, I guess "Life Finds A Way"! :)

goals, updates, odds & ends
sat 12 july 2014

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My mailbox is happy most every day, but when I receive a letter from a friend whom I've not heard from in a while, I am especially happy. I've received two such letters recently... but when I went through my records, I realized that I have not sent any such happy letters to others in months! oh dear!

So, I am here making a public statement of my mailing goals for July: Catch up with my Greeting Card project; Write at least four reply letters, two short letters and two long letters; and Keep up my usual postcard pace of about 100 per month...

LetterMo International Achievement Sat, 12 Jul 2014 16:28:46 PDT
July Mail Goals
Greeting Card: may june july
Letters: short short long long short
Postcards: 25 50 75 100

mailbox in the garden

The community garden plot continues to be awesome... I've been eating zucchini for every meal on the weekends, and I was able to add one week day meal this past week! (I know: soon I'll be sick of zucchini and I'll want to pay people to take them off my hands! ha! meantime, I am enjoying them immensely!)

sun gold cherry tomatoes

Ate 3 cherry tomatoes this morning... I wish they would hurry up! Will gather another beet tomorrow. The butternut squash is taking over the plot, it's leaves and vines are covering about 6 square feet (almost 2 square meters) and I'm a little concerned about how many butternut squashes I'm going to have to eat!

And the "Odds & Ends"...

USA International Stamp Sun, 20 Jul 2014 07:47:43 PDT
July Mail Goals
Greeting Card: may june july
Letters: short short long long short
Postcards: 25 50 75 100

from Blah to Boing!
sat 26 july 2014

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Last week I was feeling rather disenchanted with all my projects. I knew I had to do something new and different, in order to get my mojo back. But I had no idea what my new and different thing should be.

I went to bed thinking about it, Friday night, and I woke up thinking about it, Saturday morning. I got nothin'. I didn't want to get out of bed, ever.

And then suddenly it hit me.

I literally jumped out of bed and started tearing thru my tubs looking for my favorite crochet hook and some fun string.

I made two dish cloths last weekend. It was exactly what I needed. The thinking time. Keeping my hands busy. And making something.

two dish cloths

I'm not sure when I last crocheted, but my last crochet blog entries were posted in 2011. Well, I don't think I will continue crocheting... it was a one weekend deal and now I'm done. I think!

So this week, I am back to my postcard projects. I won't be able to get my letter writing goals attended to before the end of the month like I wanted... but that's okay. I've got some other stuff going on anyway.

Including the Community Garden plot. I've eaten yellow zucchini every day this week for the first time. and today I brought home the first significant haul of Sun Gold cherry tomatoes.

zuc and tom

Sun Golds are the yummiest. The first Lemon cucumber is about ¾ grown! And I think we will be overwhelmed with butternut squashes! Oh, and I'm bringing home an occasional beet, as well. I'm not sure how they have organized themselves so perfectly, but one is ready to be pulled up about every other week. Just the one, and that is all. nice!

And... someone else's art, which I noticed on the walk home from the garden...

Sidewalk graffiti

"Pick up garbage = ♡"

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