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sun 17 aug 2014

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Nobody ever updates around here. I think I need a secretary or something.

We have new summer-time neighbors at the day job...

turkey family

A mom and four kids. We have been putting out cracked corn for them... along with the sunflower seeds we give to the local squirrels!

The above photo was from a month ago. The four kids are quite a bit larger now. The family wandered into the warehouse last friday, just as the FedEx guy was picking up. Gil snapped a few pics on his cell phone before getting our packages into his truck! haha.

Art Journal. I've worked on a couple pages in my new art journal...

art journal

... and there have been experiments. For instance, the back of the left side page of the above spread, had some watercolours on it. The next page after the above spread has a background "painted" with beets. Beets from my community garden plot! ha! How awesome is that?! I don't know what I'm going to draw on that page. Maybe nothing. It's a lovely shade of red-violet. :)

kitty on the path

Letter Writing Activist
sat 30 aug 2014

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At the beginning of the year, I was writing letters of protest for Amnesty International every weekend. At some point in February, I stopped receiving my weekly emails from AI.

For a while, I went to the website every weekend and picked a case and wrote for it. It was much harder for me to do this because I was overwhelmed by all the cases. It wasn't long before I quit writing every weekend.

I tried to get back to my letter writing in May, but I only wrote for two weekends. I've thought about it since then... I think about it often, actually... but I can't bring myself to look at the site and wade through all the most recent cases.

So I was thrilled to get an email from the crew at Amnesty International's Urgent Action Network. The email detailed the process of getting the cases to the AI activists, and some of the issues they've had this year. The email said "Please Respond" and I wrote back immediately and with enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten an immediate response. I'm disappointed. Maybe next week?

Meanwhile, I'm going to write a few letters this weekend.

I am on the email list of both the USA and the UK Amnesty International offices... and I noticed when I sign the UK (email) petitions, they have a tab that hides a letter writing section. They provide a mailing address and the sample text!

Today I wrote a letter based on one of the UK petitions! It was to an embassy in London, I tracked down the ambassador in Washington DC and sent a letter to him as well. The sample text makes this so easy.

I'm also going to be writing a few "Animal Action" cases. I think I'll start with the Mirage Hotel Dolphins and then add some protests to Sea World. You've seen Blackfish, right?

kitty and squirrel

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