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sat 29 june 2013

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A happy surprise at the day job. Ron, one of our sales reps, stopped by this week and he was chatting with us in the lunch room about his new diet.

His wife got type 2 diabetes a couple years ago... but apparently something scary happened recently. And now they are both very gung-ho about a plant-based diet!

He highly recommended the documentary Forks Over Knives. And told us how type 2 diabetes can be reversed, just by diet: no meat and nothing over 25% fat.

He is fully supporting his wife in the new eating plan and he hopes to lose a bit of his gut.

And, yeah, he totally noticed that I'm grinning thru his whole spiel...

You have to understand: Ron gives me hope for humanity!

Ron has been a distant acquaintance since I started my current job in Oct 2008. He is beyond retirement age, overweight, and has teased me about being vegan. In a friendly manner: he is a salesman, after all!

All these things, and now he is excited about his new plant-based diet. Do you know how wonderful this is?!

Granted, he's not vegan. And as soon as his wife is healthier, they will go back to their non-plant-based ways.

But still. It's such a great step in the correct direction.

And! Based on what Ron said, another co-worker, my friend S, thinks she would like to try a plant-based diet for a month. She doesn't need to lose weight, but her live-in diabetic sister does. Plus, the three kids could be healthier too.

I remembered seeing a vegan program online that sent daily email tips and stuff...

  21 Day Vegan Kickstart by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

I'm thinking about signing up myself, just to see what it's like.

Hope to watch Forks over Knives, soon, too!

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