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sun 3 june 2012

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The month of may was my birthday month, and as a present to myself I decided to quit doing all of my daily projects.

One of those daily projects included my postcards. Altho I kept on top of all the exchanges I signed up for and am obligated to, I did not print up and send my usual monthly postcards to everyone on my personal list.

Even so, I managed to send out over 70 bits of mail! ha!

I did not give up my Amnesty International letter writing. I am part of the Urgent Action Network, and I write letters of protest every weekend.

This weekend, the action that was emailed to me was

25 people in Espinar were protesting mining operations and were detained and beaten by police. They were let go, but they are all under investigation under false pretenses. The mayor of Espinar criticized the current agreement between the government and the mining company, and he was also arrested and held without charge.

I had already written my protest letters when I read the newspaper this morning. There was a tiny article on the last page of the front section:

Peruvian mayor jailed over protest
LIMA, Peru (AP) - A judge on Saturday ordered detention for a mayor who allegedly led violent protests against a highlands copper mine. The judge ordered Mayor Oscar Mollohuanca of Espinar held during an investigation.

Messed Up! And, yeah, I am inclined to believe Amnesty International (which provides two pages of information about the situation and talks about the excessive force used by the police against the protestors) ... and not believe a two sentence press release.

It is a good reminder of why I am writing these letters.

And a happier, mail-related article in today's paper:

  Graduates hear from themselves By Bob Welch

A local fourth/fifth-grade teacher has his students (age 9 and 10) write a letter to their future self. The teacher delivers the letters to his students when they graduate high school (around age 17 or 18).

Wow. What kinds of things would you say to yourself, ten years down the line??!

sun 10 june 2012

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Something that makes me smile with joy:

  Eugene's First "Little Free Library"!!!
Plus, it got Yarn Bombed!!! ha!

I can't wait to go see it... and take a book or two to donate or trade! (and take pictures as well!)

And something that makes me a little wistful:

2005 paper journal

Journal by ♥ Rossetti Designs

Spring cleaning in my bedroom, and I've run across many of my old journals. This is one from 2005, and you can't tell from the scan, but there is paint on the binding wires. paint. and there is so much color, so many drawings, so many experiments, you just can't help thumbing through the pages.

It's lovely. The art I made inside goes so well with the colourful art on the cover. And I'm wistful about it because my journals don't look like that any more.

I might need to re-arrange more than just my room this summer... like my rather flippant attitude towards my current paper journal... and my on-going distress about "not enough time"...

And I'm sending a message to the universe: I need more ART in my life!

Still Spring Clean
sat 16 june 2012

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My Mom's visit is a week away, and my bedroom clean-up is about 3/4ths done! I spent about six hours organizing one side of my room today: I'm going through my art supplies, and I wanted to set them all up for easy use!

Tomorrow I will get the piles of odds and ends still on the floor, and also tackle the walk-in closet. Unfortunately, the stuff I've been piling in there is the stuff that I'm not really sure what to do with. Hopefully it will organize itself quickly and efficiently... because I have other stuff to do tomorrow as well!

I avoided the garden today. The sun was shining and it was too warm for comfort at 80°F (27°C). I knew if I went I could finish up the weeds with Significant Other, but the sun would kill me and I'd be done for the day. Looking at the organized shelves here in my room, I know I made the right choice!

cute lil blue wildflowers

Other cool stuff:

  Diary of a Space Zucchini
Freeloaders in Space
Plants in Space
wow, that is so cool!

Color Love 101 by Joanne Sharpe

  Color Love 101: Whimsical Art Journaling by Joanne Sharpe
Yep, I'm in and I do feel a little crazy about it since I am still on lesson 5 of the first class I signed up for in February. ha.

I'm hoping the class will bounce me into my old art journalling ways. I'm a week into the class, and Joanne has definitely intrigued me into buying some new art supplies. Inktense? I've heard about them for years. and now I need my own set!

yay, before and after
sun 17 june 2012

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Another five hours of work today in the bedroom and the closet, and I think I'm done. Which is to say, more could be done, but I'm done doing it! ;)

I am actually ashamed of these "before" pictures. oh my goodness. so messy! and I don't think of myself as a messy person. But look! I am! ugh.

At my closet, looking out and then panning to my right. The bed is on the left and the bedroom door is on the right...




Sheesh, right?!

But after a few weeks of buying new shelves and moving things around and a major organizing weekend...



Wow. And the computer is now at the end of my bed, right next to where I was standing to take the pictures of the shelves. I've only got my main computer running, I just don't have time to set up the others. And I took care of all the cables today, too... instead of tripping over them every time I walk in the room, they are all tidy and pounded into the walls over the doors!

Yay Tidy!

My next project is to tackle the "porch room" where I keep all my house plants. Unfortunately, I killed my ficus tree and there are dead leaves every where...

I think this clean up will go much more quickly... because I'm pretty sure there aren't any old journals in that room that I'll need to pick up and page through.

sat 23 june 2012

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Yes, I am ready (mostly, almost ready!) for my mom to come visit us.

I worked on the porch room this afternoon. I forgot to take "before" pictures, tho. So, keeping in mind the "before" pictures of my bedroom...


... Then envision a dead plant version of the mess!

Got it?

And here's what I did with it...


(I like this pic because you can see my irises in our little space outside.) (Both the live tree and the dead tree are outside, and the live tree will keep living out there until the autumn when I'll bring it back in.)

The black shelf is new, and I love how it looks. The one African Violet is blooming, which looks nice. And the other plants are scrappy fighters! ha.

Yep, that's my coke. The "Wiggle Room" is the worm box where the worms do all our vermicomposting. And the shopping bag holds our gardening supplies: seeds and the hand held tools.

I have always loved this space because of my plants. There is an easy chair to the left of the picture where I often spend time reading. I had been avoiding this room lately, because of my poor dead ficus tree. But now it looks lovely and inviting again! In fact, I might need a couple more plants to fill out that shelf... ;)

So Anyway. There are a few odds and ends to do before my mom arrives tomorrow. I didn't get to everything I wanted to do, but that's okay... I feel really good about the stuff I did do!

The whole Spring Cleaning thing is such a good idea, and I'm glad my mom has "inspired" me to do it. I've re-discovered so many old projects, and I am looking forward to working on them.

But first! Time with my Mom!

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