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new copic sketch markers
sat 14 jan 2012

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new copic sketch markers

The new colours arrived in the US this week... and of course I had to buy them immediately! The 12 new colours are the named ones above, the colours in parentheses are for my own comparisons of family colours or close colours.

I really like all of them, except E89 Pecan (dark brown is dark brown, I didn't really need another one) and BG90 Gray Sky (which is too pale for my liking).

I just updated my marker count over at my Copic Color profile... I now have 108 sketch markers (out of 358) and 4 wide markers (out of 36)! yay.

And the word from Copic is that these will be the LAST new colours made for a while. They have been coming out with 12 new colours every year for six years now, and have filled up a 72 pc set with them (the Sketch 72E). And honestly, I'm glad... I'm tired of having to re-arrange the shelves in the warehouse to fit in the new colours every stinkin' year! ;)

So. I wish I could update my Copic profile with some actual art. But I've not been doing anything creative at all. Will try to work on that soon...

fri 24 feb 2012

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Yay, I'm alive again!

Nevermind that I've been away for so long... Here are the projects that I'm curently working on.

Feb 2012 Letter Month

  Letter Mo! From the outside, it's going great; I have sent out mail every single day and have plans to continue the daily mailings into March and beyond.

Problem is, I am still procrastinating my letter writing. And let me tell you, sending out 60+ bits of mail and still procrastinating certain letter writing projects takes real talent!

Ha. I am hopelessly behind on family letters and with my pen pals. And I haven't caught up with my monthly postcards.

This weekend is Do Or Die! I can't possibly get it all done in one weekend, but I'm going to make a dent.

The nice thing about LetterMo is that I have hit a rhythm by writing a couple postcards or notecards every evening. I make this big stack of postcards on the weekends, and then I slowly go thru them during the week. Very satisfying.

Letter Love 101

  Letter Love 101, by Joanne Sharpe Oh my gosh. I ran into this online class last weekend and just fell in love with the teacher and her style. I want all her colourful calligraphy and lettering styles to be mine!

Plus, the teacher is very gung-ho about Copic markers! Oh my gosh. :)

so, yeah. I think this class is going to be great for me!

  Photography I have not taken one real picture with my camera this year. Zero. And that is just not right! I need to get out there and take some pictures!

Hopefully. Soon.

Garden Cont
sat 26 may 2012

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My back was not too painful from yesterday's weeding, so I was happy to do garden plot things again today. Significant Other was able to join me, and together we got good things done!

Saturday Market provided us with some baby plants. Today we got some cucumbers and some sunflowers to augment the tomatoes we planted last weekend.


Sunflower babies, and in the background, there are nasturtiums and some strawberries!

I also planted a row of Snow Pea seeds. It is way late for peas, but the weather has been so cool lately, I think it'll be okay. I love peas!

I have major projects this weekend, and I have minor projects this weekend. As is the case, when you are working hard on other things... Ideas for new projects occur.

rift's Octopus Mascot

Ha! What do you do when you have ideas that you don't have time for?

I used to have an Idea Notebook... but that seems more like a black hole, where ideas have the life squished out of them!

I'm thinking maybe I should just start working on the new ideas. Even just a few minutes working on these projects would give them a momentum which I could continue.

But with so many projects going at once -- just like when I am reading three or five books at once -- it takes forever to finish one!

That's frustrating. I need more time! If only my day job could be part-time! "If only", but how will the rent get paid??

And so I plug along, like the turtle in the race against the rabbit.

sun 27 may 2012

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My one year anniversary at Swap-Bot is coming up on the 29th of May!

I have completed 35 swaps there (and I just printed up postcards for my next swap). My swaps are mostly "flat mail" type swaps, but I've also done 4 "package/craft" swaps. I currently have 78 "Fives", meaning all my partners have received the stuff I sent them... and I have 59 "Hearts", meaning 59 of my partners LOVED the stuff I sent them. :)

Some of the swaps that I am proud of:

  One Sentence Journal - October 2011

A page from my One Sentence Journal

I loved doing this, but it was a lot of work! :) The journal I made was mostly a photo journal, and some pages had sketches, and some pages were just my one sentence of the day.

This was Swap-Bot's 100,000th swap, and participants could choose what they wanted to send their partner. I decided to send weekly postcards for several months. Fun!

  Art Journal Postcard Swap

Art Journal Postcard

My very first exchange on Swap-Bot.

And Currently, I'm in the Thank You Swap-Bot exchange, in which we send a postcard to the owners of Swap-Bot, telling them how amazing Swap-Bot is! I haven't decided which postcard I'm going to send... I might have to send more than one! :)

sun 10 june 2012

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Something that makes me smile with joy:

  Eugene's First "Little Free Library"!!!
Plus, it got Yarn Bombed!!! ha!

I can't wait to go see it... and take a book or two to donate or trade! (and take pictures as well!)

And something that makes me a little wistful:

2005 paper journal

Journal by ♥ Rossetti Designs

Spring cleaning in my bedroom, and I've run across many of my old journals. This is one from 2005, and you can't tell from the scan, but there is paint on the binding wires. paint. and there is so much color, so many drawings, so many experiments, you just can't help thumbing through the pages.

It's lovely. The art I made inside goes so well with the colourful art on the cover. And I'm wistful about it because my journals don't look like that any more.

I might need to re-arrange more than just my room this summer... like my rather flippant attitude towards my current paper journal... and my on-going distress about "not enough time"...

And I'm sending a message to the universe: I need more ART in my life!

Still Spring Clean
sat 16 june 2012

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My Mom's visit is a week away, and my bedroom clean-up is about 3/4ths done! I spent about six hours organizing one side of my room today: I'm going through my art supplies, and I wanted to set them all up for easy use!

Tomorrow I will get the piles of odds and ends still on the floor, and also tackle the walk-in closet. Unfortunately, the stuff I've been piling in there is the stuff that I'm not really sure what to do with. Hopefully it will organize itself quickly and efficiently... because I have other stuff to do tomorrow as well!

I avoided the garden today. The sun was shining and it was too warm for comfort at 80°F (27°C). I knew if I went I could finish up the weeds with Significant Other, but the sun would kill me and I'd be done for the day. Looking at the organized shelves here in my room, I know I made the right choice!

cute lil blue wildflowers

Other cool stuff:

  Diary of a Space Zucchini
Freeloaders in Space
Plants in Space
wow, that is so cool!

Color Love 101 by Joanne Sharpe

  Color Love 101: Whimsical Art Journaling by Joanne Sharpe
Yep, I'm in and I do feel a little crazy about it since I am still on lesson 5 of the first class I signed up for in February. ha.

I'm hoping the class will bounce me into my old art journalling ways. I'm a week into the class, and Joanne has definitely intrigued me into buying some new art supplies. Inktense? I've heard about them for years. and now I need my own set!

August is for Art Journal
fri 3 aug 2012

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I've decided to work on my art journal this month. And in the spirit of art, I'd also like to share this video with you...

  The Joy of Painting: Bob Ross Remix

I admit, the first time I watched, I cried.

okay. and the second time, too. Nevermind about all the other times I watched... I really must also admit, I think Bob Ross is the coolest.

:) My Grandma thought Bob Ross was wonderful as well. I have a Bob-Ross-Inspired painting that my Grandma made. It's hanging right next to my computer and it reminds me of her every day.

"Happy little trees..."
"We don't make mistakes! Just happy accidents."
There Are No Limits Here

I'm not going to be doing any oil painting -- but the video is definitely going to be my theme song for my art journal. :)

(and very many thanks to Rachel at the Swap-Bot Blog!)

fri 17 aug 2012

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Soooo... I've been sick. fah. Apparently being sick is my new thing because I dealt with germs several times over at the beginning of the year as well. fah.

The interesting thing this time 'round was that I lost my voice. ha. That's never happened before! Well, it was okay, because I don't really talk that much anyway!

I've been taking it easy... and in doing nothing, I was reminded about how uptight I get about all my projects.

Yeah. Uptight is exactly the word.

I don't know why I get that way. My projects are the things I love doing, right? Why can't I just have fun and leave the obsessiveness at the curb?

I just don't know how to relax: my projects always get out of control! ha.

Well, anyway.

colour swatches

I did a few pages of colour swatches in my new art journal. This is the Derwent Inktense set (new to me). Inktense are coloured pencils that have a water-activated dye. It's the first time I've used them, and I think I like them.

Much nicer than watercolour pencils because when you run water over the Inktense, the pencil lines disappear. And the colours are as advertised: intense!

And the "rag" that I used to wipe my water brush off, between colours, is a knitted dish cloth that my Grandma made.

fri 7 sept 2012

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Yesterday, we had a Painting Party after work... We invited Aaron of The Loaded Brush over to teach us how to paint. And then we had a few drinks so that our paintings would come out better!

haha! It was actually a lot of fun...


Me with my half finished painting, surrounded by other examples of the "Van Gogh Sunflowers" that we were using as a guide!

There were ten of us painting, and everyone's flowers came out different and interesting! There were a couple of "real" artists in the group, but most people hadn't drawn a picture or painted anything except walls since they were kids.

In the end, I think the non-artists were the happiest with their paintings! heh. And fun was had by all... and I can't wait to do this again.

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