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tues 1 nov 2011

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National Blog Posting Month

oof. The other day, I didn't even mention all the other postcard projects and home improvement projects I'm caught up in! If I take on this blogging-every-day thing, I'm going to have to steal some time from other parts of my life.

The two options here are #1, take time from the day job. In which case, important bills like rent don't get paid. #2, take time from sleeping. In which case, I get grumpy.

I love my sleep, therefore No Rent Money it is! I don't think the apartment manager would throw us out so close to xmas anyway!

;) ha! Just Kidding. I'll probably be stealing time from my reading... which will also make me grumpy. But that'll just be another topic to type about!

wed 2 nov 2011

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it is autumn

Took this pic a week ago, and the leaves are already starting to fall off these trees. Mornings are quite chilly all of a sudden, and it seems a bit early (for this area) to be thinking about getting out the winter coat.

I also used this photo in my One Sentence Journal; I really like that page! The journal is due next week, and there are a bunch of pages I'd like to work on some more... Make Prettier, ya know!

(Already my weekend is filling up with Projects, and it's only wednesday!)

GoodReads PC
thurs 3 nov 2011

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GoodReads group,  Postcard Exchange

So, you may be aware at this time that I have many projects I'm currently working on! ha: I listed all of them in my paper journal last night, and it was quite the page.

Today, I wanted to work on the postcard exchange that I host over at GoodReads...
The Postcard Exchange.

It's a simple, one pc trade that we do every month: you send a postcard and you get a postcard. We usually do some kind of reading theme, so you'll have something to write about on the back of the pc. It's fun and easy!

The group is open to the public, so feel free to read the posts there!

I took over the group in July, and we've been doing the postcard exchanges since August. The one thing I said I was going to change Right Away, was the group icon.

The original owner of the group picked the current icon. She's been awol for years, so I can't ask her about the art. I don't recognize the painting, but I'd love to know more about it! I don't even have a higher res picture, so I can't even see what that lady is doing! Anyone have any clues as to who the painter is?

Anyway. I meant to replace the unknown art with a little art by myself! something happy and cheery and mail arty. Maybe I should add this to my project list for this month!

Fri, 04 Nov 2011 18:14:27 PDT
Thanks to Boekerietje, my awesome pen pal in the Netherlands! She knew the artist of the icon being used at The Postcard Exchange. yay!
  Woman in Blue Reading a Letter by Vermeer

fri 4 nov 2011

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Yep, I'm vegan. and I think being vegan is the most awesome thing in the world! I love every part of vegan-ness. I love the food. I love the lifestyle. I think being vegan makes me such a better person, in so many ways!

I also love the town I live in. Eugene, Oregon is not the number one Vegan City -- shout outs to Portland and New York -- but it's very high on the vegan-friendly list.

My new favorite place to eat is Cornbread Cafe.
100% vegan! Yay Vegan!

We've only been twice, as of today. My fav is the Phish! and the Mac unCheese is... something I want to eat every day, now until forever. I've not tried any of the Sammiches, but I will on our next trip.

The menu is not extensive, but I want to eat every! single! thing! on it. *laughs*

Plus the people there are awesome. I love them, and I don't even know them!

I think I will send them a postcard...

Sat, 05 Nov 2011 10:02:04 PDT
a "Thank You" notecard with pretty purple crocuses, sent to CornBread Cafe this morning! Happy Mail!

sat 5 nov 2011

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oh yeah. gettin' stuff done. My weekends are all about happy projects and being proud of myself. ha!

  One Sentence Journal It's getting organized and I completed 1/3 of the unfinished pages. There are a couple pages that I'm still unsure about. And the cover of the journal. But it's mostly done, and I'm confident about getting the thing in the mail before the deadline!

  Reading!!! oh lord... Amazon Prime + Kindle owner = Lending Library (one free book a month). Yep, I'm already reading my free book! I'm crazy that way... like Project Gutenberg isn't enough?!

  Chores yep, I also did mundanities today. Like laundry. Tomorrow, I need to make bread. and work on at least one shelf of the pantry project.

Gettin' Stuff Done!

Sun, 06 Nov 2011 09:41:10 *** PST ***
haha, totally forgot about the time change!

my postcards
sun 6 nov 2011

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Apologies for saturday's completely un-inspired blog post! Guess all that work on the One Sentence Journal drained more creativity out of me than I thought! ha. (Incidentally, the journal is almost done, so I will quit typing about it soon!)

Today, I want to type about yet another one of my projects! Postcards!

my postcards

My new goal is to write at least one postcard every day. And so far, so good; I usually write two or three in the evening.

I'm trying to get through the huge pile of "Sept" postcards that I'm sending to everyone in my address book.
51 postcards! whee! I've been working on this for three weekends now!

I don't work on this crazy task every day tho... There are swap-bot trades and other pc exchanges. And there are just random postcards I feel the need to write!

All these postcards I send make me incredibly happy!

So many people think that snail mail is dying... but it's not! PostCrossing and Swap-Bot are just the more popular sites for snail mail exchanges! There are loads of smaller postcard and pen pal and mailing sites!

Anyway. I am trying to keep up with US Postal Service news. This is a longish, but informative interview about what's going on and what's wrong with the laws regarding the USPS...

mon 7 nov 2011

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the time change yesterday makes all the difference in my morning ritual of walking to the day job! Friday morning was pitch black, I was wondering if I needed a flashlight... This morning the sun was shining -- well, it was shining behind the rain clouds, but it was definitely there!

ha. I've been working at the Copic Warehouse for three years now, but this is the first winter that I've had these annoying hours. When I walk, I leave the house at 7:10am. And now the sun is rising at 6:57, plenty of light!

After I walked home this afternoon, Significant Other had to tell me all about the Pinball Tournament he went to in Portland on Sunday. Unfortunately, he did not do so well, but he had a lot of fun, so that's good.

The qualifying was 9 games and you had to get 19 points in order to play in the tournament. Four people on one machine, first place got you 4 points, second and third got points and fourth got none.

SO won three of the games he played, but only ended up with 15 points at the end of qualifying. foo!

This was a much bigger competition than the one he did in August. Also, since it was in Portland, he had never played any of the pinball machines.

I should send him up there to practice a little before the next tournament! :)

composting and plastic
tues 8 nov 2011

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Was thrilled to see on the front page of the local newspaper an article about the city starting a new food waste pickup alongside our normal garbage and recycling collection!!

Right now, it's an experiment with just a few businesses. They're worried about plastics getting into the food scraps, which would "ruin" the compost. At the end of the year, they will assess and go from there... hopefully to expanding the service!

Not that it will make a difference in my life... We've got our precious worms eating up our food waste. And they are so wonderful that I wish everyone had a worm box!

Also good in the news... It sounds like our city will be considering a plastic bag ban.

I was so disappointed a few months ago when they failed to ban plastic bags for the whole state. Now they're going city by city. Portland got their ban in October.

I just wish people would hurry up and do the right thing already! :)

Tue, 08 Nov 2011 20:59:53 PST
Yay! I just finished binding my One Sentence Journal!! It's done!

wed 9 nov 2011

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Okay, yay. You noticed I got my One Sentence Journal done last night. I just got done double checking it; there's one little continuity problem, but I doubt anyone but me would notice it. (I've never been a professional editor, but dang, I should be! :)

So, it'll be in the mail to Germany tomorrow.

It would be nice to take a rest after all that work. But I can't! I have Swap-Bot postcards due. My poor pen pal in the Netherlands, all she ever wanted was a letter from me and I've procrastinated that to ridiculous. All the house cleaning projects are still hanging over my head. The web site needs some work, too.

On the other hand, finishing such a big project is like having a weight lifted. And my brain is starting to look around for new things to think about and do!

Like some photography...

sun set

A few months ago, I discovered the Auto Bracket for the exposure.

I'm totally all about point and shoot. I can never remember which way I'm supposed to go with the aperture. And all those other settings don't even do anything! (I'm kidding.) (Kind of.)

But this auto bracket thing!! I set it up, the camera takes three photos, and then I get to choose which one I like! I don't have to worry about which way I'm supposed to go with the manual settings! yay!


Anyway. I took the above picture today, on my way home from the day job. I really like how it turned out!

currently reading
thurs 10 nov 2011

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Been so busy with the projects, I've cut back on both my reading and my sleep. And my paper journal writing! thusly, I am slowly going mad. But that's okay. Well, it's okay when I'm not yelling at Significant Other to leave me the bleep alone! (so sorry, my lover.)

Anyway. Here I am typing about the books I haven't read in days!

  Sophie's Choice I bought this as an ebook before I got my Kindle... I started reading it on my computer, but it was so boring I had to set it aside. I started over, and now I'm about 50 pages in. It's still pretty boring. But it's a classic, and a banned book. And I really like to expand my list of read banned books!

How to Keep a Naturalists Notebook

  How to Keep a Naturalist's Notebook I have barely started reading this, but I'm enjoying it already. Info on "bins" (binoculars) is great for the clueless newbie (me). The book is based on bird watching, and it makes me think I should be more serious about that!

Happy Reading!

11.11 Happy 2011.11.11
fri 11 nov 2011

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Out with my camera again...


yay weekend!

Sat, 12 Nov 2011 06:52:04 PST
My goal is to write and send at least one postcard a day. As of this morning, I've sent 26 postcards, 2 notes and 1 package. This weekend I would like to bump that up! Yay Mail!

Random Links
sat 12 nov 2011

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I let myself enjoy a bit of free time today! which mostly just means I surfed the Internet for a few happy hours this morning.

Here's a bit of what I ran into...

WikiMedia is having it's annual fund raiser. I absolutely support them; I don't visit Wikipedia every day, but I'm sure it's several times a week, every week! I am thankful to have such a vast, free service (which is also ad-free).

Farm Sanctuary

Adopting beautiful turkeys, living at Farm Santuary. Because it's that time.

  Copic Marker: Veteran's Day Blog Hop From the people at my day job. (I enjoyed the tutorial on this page, which I may type more about later. But!...) is #9 on the 11.11.11 Veterans Day Blog Hop... Operation Write Home sends blank, handmade cards that YOU make to deployed military people who write and send them to their family.

  A Balanced Approach to Reforming the Postal Service directly from the White House, but; ugh, not "balanced" at all! It's very sad news about the US Post... Not addressing the "Pre-Funding Health Care" fiasco at all, and blaming email for all the Postal Service problems instead! (ack, not true!) So, we'll have to deal with cut-backs and 5 day delivery and who knows what else. It's a shame that the real problems are not being dealt with.

  Vegan Etsy: Vegan Craftivism The article is interesting, but I'm not sure about the linked web site...

  Doodle Art Alley: free xmas coloring book A free PDF with 10 pages of non-religious xmas line art to colour in! Be sure to look around the web site, too, because there are lots of free colouring pages here... and they are all great! Check them out, print them out and have fun!!

sun 13 nov 2011

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oof, chores getting done this weekend, and so many little things which have piled up over the last month or two. The list is ridiculously long, but I'm getting through it. and I'm sure you don't want to hear about it!! :)

When the mundanities drive me crazy, of course I turn to art as my resting point. Some of my favorite web sites:

  Sketching In Nature
Award winning group blog and the art is just stunning! I love the fact that it's very International as well... Maree posts from South Africa, and her current spring/summer drawings are a delightful contrast to the fall/winter drawings from the northern hemisphere!

  Artists' Journal Workshop
A group blog which is the basis of the above blog, with contributers from the book (which I also enjoy).

  The Intangible Blog
Blog entries are drawn every single day! Donovan is a snail mail enthusiast who makes up a part of the Letter Writer's Alliance. Yay Mail!

  Creative Every Day
The home of the Art Every Day Month Challenge. Leah has awesome art, and the AEDM links can be delightful!

Yep! Art is good. Many times I have said that I want to buy art... to make my tiny townhouse beautiful, and to support artists...

Occasionally, I print up my own art and nail it to my bedroom wall. But I get bored of it quickly. Which is what worries me about buying art! So I've not actually bought any art yet...

But, Artist's Journal Workshop has a post by an artist who intrigues me... Sandy Williams. Her art is colourful and wonderful to me! Her prints are 65$, which is within my price range... I'm thinking about buying one as a xmas present for myself!

mon 14 nov 2011

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Significant Other was sick over the weekend. I sympathized but didn't think anything of it... it sounded like he had caught the same bug I had a couple weeks ago. Sore throat and sniffly nose. I was sure of my immunity!

But coming home from the day job this afternoon, I had a bit of a headache, and my pain threshold was down. And now my nose is trying to get stuffy. And I sneezed three times.

To which I say "ARG! I do not have time to be sick!" Maybe if I drink herbal tea and eat vitamins and go to bed early, this little thing will just fade away!

Well, I don't want to leave you with just complainings today. So, here's a duck...

mallard duck

death warmed over
tues 15 nov 2011

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My friend said I should type today "me sick. 'nuf said." *laughs*

At one point today, I had made some tea and brought it upstairs. I drank it in bed, looking out the window down at the parking lot. The asphalt is almost entirely covered over by tan oak leaves, a few red and yellow sweet gum leaves.

I suppose they'll come and rake it up soon, but I'm glad I got to enjoy it for a minute today!

A photo of not-oak leaves from my walk home on friday...


okay, now back to being miserable!

a list
wed 16 nov 2011

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Things I don't do when I'm sick:

  I don't make my bed. 'cause that just makes it easier to take naps every couple hours.

  I don't read. But I sprawl out in front of the tv. I think I've been permanently scarred by day time television.

  I don't take any cold medicine. I have this theory that taking drugs prolongs the sickness. Well. actually just a hypothesis. And I have no way of testing it, I guess.

  I don't get the mail. sighs. The mail is piling up, in the box, I suppose...

  I don't care about anything. At least, I don't care about the mail or reading, or the brain cells I'm destroying by sitting in front of the tv for so long!

thurs 17 nov 2011

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Okay. I think I'm feeling better!

  Things I'm drinking... plain chamomile tea, chamomile with mint, orange spice tea, homemade lemon-ginger tea, homemade Russian tea (thanks MOM!), not much coffee, a coke, cold water. Drown a cold, right?

Oh, hey! My raccoon postcard is now famous! check it out:
  Save Snail Mail: A Warm PO Box second pic down! :) and congrats to the winner.

On my way to clear out the mail box -- first time I'd been outside in days! -- I took pictures of the leaves on the ground.


fri 18 nov 2011

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Skipping three days of work, I missed so much! There was a birthday party with Vegan pie. Arg! I'm so sad I missed it! A shipment came in, and they listened to an entire audio book without me!

Vegan Pie! Arg!

So anyway, I came home exhausted... and really wanted to go to sleep. Just sleep. Nothing else. But then, "oh wait. I have to blog." Well. May as well have some fun whilst we're not sleeping...

*having a few drinks*

not tea. heh.

sweet gum ball

So. Honestly, you shouldn't encourage me when it comes to leaf photos. ;)

I love leaves.

I don't indulge in my leafy love very often tho. It's hard to get good photos of leaves, because the one leaf I love is surrounded by dozens of other leaves I might love as well!

ha! Probably why I love autumn so much... everyone is looking at the leaves, not just me!

sweet gum ball

sat 19 nov 2011

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It felt good to drop a couple of postcards into the mail this morning. I didn't write any when I was sick, which ruined my "postcard every day" goal. On the other hand, I've sent out 37 postcards so far this month, so that makes me happy.

Another one of my postcard projects is the 100,000th Swap. This was a monumental swap in October to send a Swap-Bot themed creation to one partner. I am so glad I got to participate... here are some of the things that got sent: 100,000th swap blog post!

I decided to send my swap partner some postcards, of course. To make it special, I decided to send my partner a postcard every week for several months! Yay! Doesn't that sound great!

Since mid-october when I got my partner's address, I've sent seven postcards. And, ya know? I'm having fun! I wish I could send weekly postcards to more people!! *laughs*

I sent my "september" postcard to everyone in my address book... just over 50 pcs and it took several weekends to get it all out. Since the last of the stack went out last weekend, here it is:

Marigold postcard

Sadly, this is the only marigold that survived in our community garden plot -- despite many seeds planted and many babies transplanted. Happily, it was a very happy marigold with many beautiful flowers!

science fiction
sun 20 nov 2011

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  BookingTT: Category Of the books you own, what's the biggest category/genre? Is this also the category that you actually read the most?

Sighs. I have a ton of science fiction books. But I've not read a scifi book in a year or more!

It's just really hard to find good scifi that I enjoy. At one point, I decided to go through the Tiptree Award winners.
I ♥ James Tiptree. Completely! and Utterly!

... But I hated a couple of the award winners. And therefore I quit reading from that award. And I had such despair that I just quit reading all scifi in general.

heh. Well, that isn't exactly what happened, but it kind of feels like those few crummy books ruined my scifi experience!

I used to read the "Best of" sci fi books with short stories. Good way to discover good authors. I also used to subscribe to the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. But then they screwed up my digital subscription over at FictionWise (they suck). And I never re-subbed to the print version.

So maybe I should just re-subscribe, and then focus on a more popular scifi award. huh... like the Nebula: Whee! I've already read loads of the books on that list! or maybe the Hugo...

well. yeah, ya know... I should definitely read more of what I love.

mon 21 nov 2011

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An article on the front page of today's local newspaper, Even Avid E-Book Fans Pick Paper For Kids amused me.

well, of course smart people aren't going to buy their toddlers and small childrens expensive gadgets instead of books! sheesh!

A book can be tossed down the stairs. It can land in a mud puddle and it can be stomped on and ripped to pieces. And it's probably still readable after all that! And even if you're not interested in book rehabilitation, you're only out 10 or 15$.

an ereader isn't going to survive a child's normal life! after they drop it, you're out 80 or 100$ or more, plus you've lost access to all your ebooks until you get another gadget.

Anyway. The article says that children's books are "a bright spot for brick-and-mortar stores", since a sizable percentage of children's books are picked out at a physical book store.

If I had a book store, I'd definitely be expanding the children's book section. Picture books. Also art and photography books. Coffee table books. How To books.

None of those types of books are very nice to read on an eReader. Probably cooking books too, mostly because I don't want flour and pizza sauce on my Kindle.

Also in my book store I'd have a big stationery section. Not just journals and postcards and papers, but a large selection of pens. I'd also sell stamps and have a postal drop off!

Lots of tables for writing and chairs for reading.

And my coffee shop in the book store is vegan!


tues 22 nov 2011

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Couple of people at the day job asked me what my Thanksgiving plans were.

I'm not a big fan of Thanksgiving. so many beautiful turkeys killed. Not to mention the Native Americans we've destroyed. It's just completely horrifying!

Last year, I did a fast on Thanksgiving, in protest.

I haven't thought about this thursday yet. I'm thinking another fast is in order!

But then I ran into this...
  Vegan Muffins On The Move

I don't do much baking. or cooking. Actually, I try to spend no time in the kitchen! Plus, this recipe looks complicated. I work best with "stir and oven" type recipes!

heh. The blog is such a good idea, I did want to share that!! :)

But I'll probably be fasting on thursday!

plant killer
wed 23 nov 2011

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Yay, I made it through the work week!

Even tho I would love to have a lazy... a completely LAZY! long weekend, my brain is already rotating around "chores" I should be doing.

Like if the rain lets up (looks unlikely), I should get out to the garden and get it cleaned up for the winter. If the carrots are still alive, it might be nice to eat one... but they're probably busy rotting right about now!

Garden thoughts lead me to thinking about the house plants. I've still got the two big potted plants outside and they probably hate it out there with the cold. But since they're so very big, I have to do major re-arranging in the porch room to get them back inside.

It's always so much effort, that this year I've bought some rooting stuff so I can chop the trees down and start small with both of them again! I know the umbrella plant will live through this kind of abuse. But I'm not sure if the ficus will. So I've been putting it off.

I have probably mentioned this before, but the plants that live with me have to be extremely tough. I love my inside plants, but I do not coddle them. Plus I'm bound to forget about them for weeks on end, a few times a year. heh.

Besides the ficus and the umbrella, Spider plants will take anything you can possibly throw at them. African Violets are actually happier when you don't water them! And the Chinese Evergreen is indifferent, always.

You remember the little carrot top that started growing that made me so very happy?

wilted carrot

yep, I killed it. Poor thing did not recover from this wilting. foo.

And the current state of my so-called favorite...


sighs. My nerve plant is definitely not supposed to look like this! I'm not even sure what happened... I started watering it like crazy when I noticed it was wilted. And it always bounces back. But this time it didn't.

So I need to re-pot it; cut out all the dead stuff and give some love to those three little vines that survived.

Which is definitely counted as a Chore... and counts against the "lazy weekend" that I want for myself!

Thu, 24 Nov 2011 09:53:36 PST
Farm Sanctuary has a live streaming video today of some of the rescued turkeys. I've been watching them this morning... just now I saw a squirrel go by; he briefly caught the attention of the two turkeys as well!

Happy Thanksgiving
thurs 24 nov 2011

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I am protesting Thanksgiving by fasting today...

This post almost changed my mind:
  A Vegan Thanksgiving Celebrates Good Food, Activism and Hope

... but not quite. :) After all, I get to eat awesome wonderful vegan food every single day!

But this day is all about death and mass murder. Most people choose to think that Thanksgiving is all about the food. By fasting, I'm turning that upside-down!

fri 25 nov 2011

Entry #25 of 30 on this page (tagged: november, )

Yay, my long weekend is going so very well!

I've been reading like crazy.

I've started working on my october postcard, which will be sent to everyone in my address book.

And I've been happily crocheting.

I have not done any "real" crocheting this year. I've made a handful of dish cloths, which will be great xmas presents, but nothing else. Nothing interesting.

So, yesterday I learned a new stitch. A bit of frustration at the beginning, but I took the time and finished the project.

  Crochet: Waffle Dishcloth


Cool stitch, huh?! It's too bad the instructions call for such a big piece. Ten inches for a wash cloth? sheesh. I tend to crochet on the tight side, so mine was only 8 inches. Still plenty big.

(to make it smaller, knock off 4 chain stitches at a time. The original instructions call for a nine-square length... taking out 4 chain stitches will make it an eight-square length and almost an inch shorter!)

Anyway. This particular stitch reminded me of the cable scarves I had worked on in 2010. I had left one (of a pair) unfinished... and it's been hanging over me for a year: my notes say the last time I worked on it was 13 nov 2010.

ha. I thought there were just a few hours left on the project. Actually, I think it's closer to five or six hours.

But that's what I worked on today.

Yesterday, I finished the waffle in 3.5 hours.

Today, my hands hurt from yesterday's effort! But I was able to do 1.5 hours of crocheting.

I'm not sure how to describe my on-again/off-again obsession with crochet. It's such a time consuming activity! and I think I have better uses for my time!

But then again... Learning a new pattern, and knowing I'm going to be so much FASTER! the next time I make this thing. And of course I'm going to make it again! That's what obsession is all about, right?!

Sat, 26 Nov 2011 11:10:08 PST
Put something off for one day, and ten days will pass.
~~ Korean proverb
haha... or, more! a lot more!

making things
sat 26 nov 2011

Entry #26 of 30 on this page (tagged: november, )

I am having a happy day making things... but certain circumstances seem to be thwarting me!

I started the day by making another handful of "october" postcards. I was just able to get them in the mailbox before my wonderful postman arrived.

But that handful of postcards was all I was able to manage because my poor printer is having a nervous breakdown. All the ink cartridges have ink in them, but the colour being printed is horribly OFF!

arg. Well, hopefully it will sort itself out...

I spent about an hour working on my cable scarf. And then I looked at the front, and realized I had made a terrible mistake two and a half cable rounds ago. It takes about 25 mins to crochet a single cable round.

I had to rip out about an hours worth of crocheting!

*shakes head*

And yet, I still have happiness for my projects. These minor setbacks do not get me down!

I also made a copy of my October One Sentence Journal, a Swap-Bot project. I had so much fun making my little book! And I wanted to share it with my co-workers, and with my family when I go to see them at winter break.

Amazingly, this project went without a hitch! Printed out great, cut it out great, and then punched out the binding perfectly! yay, there is hope for the future!

I wanted to work on one more project today... But it would have involved an X-acto knife. I decided not to push my luck! ha.

You remember this? (you'll see the rest if you click on my 2011 art tag.)

dragonfly stencil art

I had made a couple of bookmarks in this style... cutting out the design, then colouring the background page and the stencil itself and gluing them together. Very fun.

But, non-organized person that I am, I misplaced my pretty bookmarks. huh. But then I was moving my piles around the other day, and I found the big dragonfly and two of my bookmarks! Yay!

And now I want to make some more!

eh, maybe tomorrow...

long weekend Totals
sun 27 nov 2011

Entry #27 of 30 on this page (tagged: november)

I'm finishing up my glorious long weekend with a bit of a lazy day. But that usual for a sunday. And I got so much happiness done during my four day weekend...

  25 Postcards! which means I got about ½ through my "october" mailing!

  7.5 hours of crochet! 3.5 hours to finish the large Waffle Dish Cloth. The rest of the time was spent on a scarf which is now only 2 or 3 hours from being finished!

  235 pages read! but I didn't finish any of the (longish) books I'm reading. Which makes me feel silly since I bought a couple of extra books to read this weekend! haha.

  Chores Done: 1 Just because I always do laundry on the weekend! :)

  Movies Watched: 1.3! Got all the way through Labyrinth. But only an hour into The Postman, eh.

  Relaxing Done: 100%

mon 28 nov 2011

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The other day, walking around the apartment complex, I noticed that the oak leaves at the other end of our parking lot were much redder than the tan ones that are right outside our door.

Hmm. So I grab a red leaf, and it looks way different than our tan leaves. Still obviously an oak tree, just something different...

Our tan oak leaves look like this:

oak leaf

I'm pretty sure the above is a California black oak. Now, compare and contrast with unknown, more reddish leaf...

oak leaf

And, since this leaf isn't even vaguely in my "Western Region" field guide... I guess that means I need a new field guide! humph.

But here we have the entire Internet. ...

Hm. Internet research sucks when you don't know what you're looking for! haha!

Pin Oak?? oh wait, this page says: "Black Oak Leaf: The leaves are of ovate or obovate shape. The shade leaves have superficial areas between the lobes, while the sun leaves have deep ones."

But how can you have an entire tree of shade leaves over here and an entire tree of sun leaves over there?

And here's an awesome page... Designing with Leaf and Tree Species! At least I know the difference between oaks and maples!!

Well, anyway. I suppose I must remain in ignorance for now! Crazy oak trees!

art critic
tues 29 nov 2011

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I was thinking about that last web site link that I put up yesterday... Designing with Leaf and Tree Species...

The author doesn't come right out and say it, but because she knows trees, she is annoyed when artists and crafters get trees wrong. Like putting acorns with sycamore leaves.

yep, yep *nods*

I am exactly the same way about artists putting the moon in the wrong phase.

Drives me crazy!

You know? We see the moon because of reflected sunlight. So when you see the moon, you always know exactly where the sun is!

Learning how to place shadows is a big deal for artists. But they don't apply what they've learned to the moon.

And it drives me crazy!

I don't know why it drives me so crazy. I wish I could just call it "artistic licence" and be done with it.

heh. *shakes head* And now I'm wondering if everyone has that one thing they know about, like trees or the moon or pinball machines or whatever, and we get annoyed when an artist depicts it incorrectly.

the end
wed 30 nov 2011

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oh, gosh, I can't believe it's the end of the month already. Tomorrow is december! (and I don't want to think about it because december is stressful!)

Okay, so...

  In november, I sent out 75 postcards. Wow. Plus 2 notes, one package, and one letter. Kinda crazy, isn't it!

  In november, I did not finish any books! haha... I think that's what happens when you're reading five books at once and 3 of those 5 are well over 500 pages. But! I am almost finished with all five of my books, so that's something. :)

  In november, I took 305 photos. This is a bit more than I usually take in a month... but there are lots of unusable pics because of the grey days.

  In november, I wrote 30 blog posts! yay!

And now I'm going to take a break!

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