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mon 2 may 2011

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The crochet star that thwarted me on sunday...

crochet star

fri 25 nov 2011

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Yay, my long weekend is going so very well!

I've been reading like crazy.

I've started working on my october postcard, which will be sent to everyone in my address book.

And I've been happily crocheting.

I have not done any "real" crocheting this year. I've made a handful of dish cloths, which will be great xmas presents, but nothing else. Nothing interesting.

So, yesterday I learned a new stitch. A bit of frustration at the beginning, but I took the time and finished the project.

  Crochet: Waffle Dishcloth


Cool stitch, huh?! It's too bad the instructions call for such a big piece. Ten inches for a wash cloth? sheesh. I tend to crochet on the tight side, so mine was only 8 inches. Still plenty big.

(to make it smaller, knock off 4 chain stitches at a time. The original instructions call for a nine-square length... taking out 4 chain stitches will make it an eight-square length and almost an inch shorter!)

Anyway. This particular stitch reminded me of the cable scarves I had worked on in 2010. I had left one (of a pair) unfinished... and it's been hanging over me for a year: my notes say the last time I worked on it was 13 nov 2010.

ha. I thought there were just a few hours left on the project. Actually, I think it's closer to five or six hours.

But that's what I worked on today.

Yesterday, I finished the waffle in 3.5 hours.

Today, my hands hurt from yesterday's effort! But I was able to do 1.5 hours of crocheting.

I'm not sure how to describe my on-again/off-again obsession with crochet. It's such a time consuming activity! and I think I have better uses for my time!

But then again... Learning a new pattern, and knowing I'm going to be so much FASTER! the next time I make this thing. And of course I'm going to make it again! That's what obsession is all about, right?!

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