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plant killer
wed 23 nov 2011

Yay, I made it through the work week!

Even tho I would love to have a lazy... a completely LAZY! long weekend, my brain is already rotating around "chores" I should be doing.

Like if the rain lets up (looks unlikely), I should get out to the garden and get it cleaned up for the winter. If the carrots are still alive, it might be nice to eat one... but they're probably busy rotting right about now!

Garden thoughts lead me to thinking about the house plants. I've still got the two big potted plants outside and they probably hate it out there with the cold. But since they're so very big, I have to do major re-arranging in the porch room to get them back inside.

It's always so much effort, that this year I've bought some rooting stuff so I can chop the trees down and start small with both of them again! I know the umbrella plant will live through this kind of abuse. But I'm not sure if the ficus will. So I've been putting it off.

I have probably mentioned this before, but the plants that live with me have to be extremely tough. I love my inside plants, but I do not coddle them. Plus I'm bound to forget about them for weeks on end, a few times a year. heh.

Besides the ficus and the umbrella, Spider plants will take anything you can possibly throw at them. African Violets are actually happier when you don't water them! And the Chinese Evergreen is indifferent, always.

You remember the little carrot top that started growing that made me so very happy?

wilted carrot

yep, I killed it. Poor thing did not recover from this wilting. foo.

And the current state of my so-called favorite...


sighs. My nerve plant is definitely not supposed to look like this! I'm not even sure what happened... I started watering it like crazy when I noticed it was wilted. And it always bounces back. But this time it didn't.

So I need to re-pot it; cut out all the dead stuff and give some love to those three little vines that survived.

Which is definitely counted as a Chore... and counts against the "lazy weekend" that I want for myself!

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