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mon 21 nov 2011

An article on the front page of today's local newspaper, Even Avid E-Book Fans Pick Paper For Kids amused me.

well, of course smart people aren't going to buy their toddlers and small childrens expensive gadgets instead of books! sheesh!

A book can be tossed down the stairs. It can land in a mud puddle and it can be stomped on and ripped to pieces. And it's probably still readable after all that! And even if you're not interested in book rehabilitation, you're only out 10 or 15$.

an ereader isn't going to survive a child's normal life! after they drop it, you're out 80 or 100$ or more, plus you've lost access to all your ebooks until you get another gadget.

Anyway. The article says that children's books are "a bright spot for brick-and-mortar stores", since a sizable percentage of children's books are picked out at a physical book store.

If I had a book store, I'd definitely be expanding the children's book section. Picture books. Also art and photography books. Coffee table books. How To books.

None of those types of books are very nice to read on an eReader. Probably cooking books too, mostly because I don't want flour and pizza sauce on my Kindle.

Also in my book store I'd have a big stationery section. Not just journals and postcards and papers, but a large selection of pens. I'd also sell stamps and have a postal drop off!

Lots of tables for writing and chairs for reading.

And my coffee shop in the book store is vegan!


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