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sat 12 nov 2011

I let myself enjoy a bit of free time today! which mostly just means I surfed the Internet for a few happy hours this morning.

Here's a bit of what I ran into...

WikiMedia is having it's annual fund raiser. I absolutely support them; I don't visit Wikipedia every day, but I'm sure it's several times a week, every week! I am thankful to have such a vast, free service (which is also ad-free).

Farm Sanctuary

Adopting beautiful turkeys, living at Farm Santuary. Because it's that time.

  Copic Marker: Veteran's Day Blog Hop From the people at my day job. (I enjoyed the tutorial on this page, which I may type more about later. But!...) is #9 on the 11.11.11 Veterans Day Blog Hop... Operation Write Home sends blank, handmade cards that YOU make to deployed military people who write and send them to their family.

  A Balanced Approach to Reforming the Postal Service directly from the White House, but; ugh, not "balanced" at all! It's very sad news about the US Post... Not addressing the "Pre-Funding Health Care" fiasco at all, and blaming email for all the Postal Service problems instead! (ack, not true!) So, we'll have to deal with cut-backs and 5 day delivery and who knows what else. It's a shame that the real problems are not being dealt with.

  Vegan Etsy: Vegan Craftivism The article is interesting, but I'm not sure about the linked web site...

  Doodle Art Alley: free xmas coloring book A free PDF with 10 pages of non-religious xmas line art to colour in! Be sure to look around the web site, too, because there are lots of free colouring pages here... and they are all great! Check them out, print them out and have fun!!

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