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thurs 29 sept 2011

So, I see the new Kindle Fire went up for pre-order today. Colour screen, free movies, web browsing, not to mention the apps and the games... ha, doesn't sound like many books are going to be read there!! *laughs*

The kindle I have is now called the "Kindle Keyboard". (it used to be "the latest generation", or Kindle 3.) I bought it in May this year as a birthday present to myself. So far I have read 15 books on it... mostly bought books, a couple free books.

an incredibly handy feature is the ability to sample books. Usually, I see a book I want and I just buy it. Thusly, my piles of 50+ unread books. Now, I just download the sample, which is usually the first chapter or so.

This is going to help SO MUCH with my piles!! I've already got 19 samples... That's 19 books I have not bought! Not to say I won't eventually buy them... but I can buy them when I'm ready to read them!

*laughs* What a concept, huh! You'd think that's how a wishlist works. But my wishlist is so overwhelming, I quit using it years ago! And then the books I wanted went out of print: ARG! Similar things will happen with my sample list, of course... It will soon get overwhelming, and my kindle will soon be obsolete and the digital books might not transfer to a new device.

So anyway. The only thing that annoyed me with my kindle was that I couldn't read it in the dark. My old eReader was a Palm handheld, back lit screen so I could read in bed without having to turn on a light.

I got a little LED clip-on. And decorated it with copic markers... :)

kindle clipon LED

And now my insomnia hours are productive again! ha.

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