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sun 25 sept 2011


I joined Care2 on 30 Jan 2005, and I have a few really good friends on that network. But I have not been active there for several years... I would do the daily clicks, occasionally, but on dial-up the clicks were quite time consuming.

But now we have DSL. Granted, it's the slowest DSL on the planet! But it's faster than dial-up, and I can now do all the daily clicks in what? 60 seconds?

very much more convenient. I've been doing them every once in a while, since it's so much faster... but I don't really support any of the organizations that I'm clicking for. For example, the "Primates" click is for the Jane Goodall Institute. No denying: Jane Goodall is a wonderful woman and she does wonderful work, but she supports animal testing. I find that despicable, and I would never send money to any of her orgs. But: a free click? Yes, I can do that.

It's a similar story with most of the rest of the click organizations. I will click, but I won't support.

When I first joined Care2, I was active in a couple groups and I even blogged there for a bit. About the time I was spending less time at Care2, they were introducing the Butterfly Rewards system.

At the time, I didn't pay much mind to it. But apparently, it is pretty cool...

One of my Care2 friends (*waves at AJ*) really works the Butterfly Rewards. I mean, she Works It Baby!! ha. It's quite impressive! She has planted a forest with her Butterfly Rewards! Seriously, she is approaching 1,000 trees! awesome.

So. Here I am with my measly 700 Butterflies. With 500 Butterflies, I can plant a tree! hey cool! Plus, with 200 Butterflies, I donated a day of clean water! yay!

That was at the end of August. I am now ready to get another tree.

Yeah, I don't work the system like my friend does. Darn it. It will take me centuries to get the forest!

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