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mon 12 sept 2011

The weekend was so short, and all of a sudden it's monday and I'm at work and it's all stupid and annoying. arg.

Over the weekend, one of my goals (besides general goofing off!) was to do a bit of extra reading. When you are reading four books at once, it takes a while to actually finish a book. And especially since all of my current books are non-fiction and not exactly light reading!

My favorite of the current four is Rachel Carson's The Edge of the Sea. It is just amazing! I have never lived near an ocean (well, except now: I'm about 60 miles away), and I knew almost nothing about the creatures who live at the shore. Thusly, I haven't been terribly interested in driving those 60 miles, tho I have done it a few times.

The book has sections on rocky shores, sandy beaches and coral reefs, and it's all so very interesting! So many little creatures. You just have to be patient and wait for low tide to see them in their tide pools. Or many of them are active (or glowing!) at night.

Now, I can almost picture myself going to the ocean for a day and evening at the shore. Looking for sea critters!

Mostly it just makes me happy to learn something new about the world.

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